BIOFUTON DW 6.1 - Special Edition

4 sizes available
140, 160, 180, 200 x 200 cm

For people up to approx. 150 kg body weight
Brand new with small production defect

15% reduced

incl. VAT
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BioFuton DW 6.1 - the powerhouse of the luxury class.

* A small mistake has happened. We sewed a small amount of covers for this great and very heavy futon without turning handles. This is literally 'unacceptable' in sizes 140/200 to 200/200. Now, with this sewing method (standard, with centre seam), you cannot simply sew on our reversible handles as usual. So we sewed on the reversible handles in a different way. They are now attached horizontally instead of vertically. This does not detract from the use and is not visible under the fitted sheet anyway, but it is not a regular product. That is why this batch of Biofuton DW 6.1 is available for the Special Price -15%!

This mighty strong futon is for people from 50-150kg, except for sensitive side sleepers and a powerful futon experience for everyone. A futon is felt differently depending on body weight:

  • 50-70 kg: medium to firm
  • 70-100 kg: tight-firm (optimal)
  • 100-150 kg: increasingly solid
The complete product description you can find here.


  • Climate fibre: horsehair outside, coconut inside
  • Dimensons: 140; 160; 180; 200 x 200cm

DW 6.1 lies best on a strong base, like our slatted frames. Every mattress should be turned over to distribute wear evenly and to increase its useful life. Futons are best turned over every time the bed linen is changed in the early days, and less frequently later on. Biofuton DW 6.1 is so strong that for many people there are hardly any signs of use, in which case a significantly less frequent turning rhythm is of course fine, according to one's own assessment.