The local ... woolen blanket beige / wool white

Linking: white, material: southern German merino wool
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Wool blanket double face: beige / wool white: made of German wool

"Die Heimische" - is the first double-face blanket from Wollzeit made of Merino wool from southern Germany from sheep farms in Lower and Upper Bavaria, the Allgäu and the Swabian Alb. The robust living and sleeping blankets are available in two colors. This has a beige and off-white side and is linked in white.
Care: Our blankets and plaids are not chemically treated and are therefore not suitable for washing in the washing machine.

  • Size: 150 x 200 cm = 1.500g
  • Size: 150 x 220 cm = 1.750g
  • Color: beige / wool white
  • Linking: white
  • Material: Merino wool from southern Germany
  • Production: 100% Made in Germany

"While supplies last, limited availability".

Care instructions

All of our wool products are made from 100% pure new wool. No chemical additives are used during the entire production process.

Cleaning and care
Our products are not suitable for washing in the washing machine (maximum on a wool cycle without spinning, then hang up carefully, dry lying flat).

We recommend hanging our woolen blankets outside for a few hours after a few weeks or months, depending on the level of use, in high humidity, but not directly in the rain or snow. The fresh air "vitalises" the short wool fibers, these stand up due to the moisture and house dust etc. is released from the fabric. You can also spread the wool blanket on a blanket of snow for some time, turn it around and always make sure that the blanket / plaid is flat.
If you don't have the opportunity to hang / put the ceiling outside, you can spread it out over two chairs in the apartment and sprinkle it with a sprinkler. The effect is similar.

Stains can be washed out with a cold, damp cloth, do not rub too hard! In the case of heavy stains, support with a drop of grease-dissolving washing-up liquid and then rinse again with clear water. In the case of very heavy soiling, we recommend that you give the blanket, quilt or plaid to an experienced specialist cleaning company.

Moth protection & light radiation
You should protect stored wool products with a textile spray, e.g. "Anti Mott" from ARIES, against moth infestation. Avoid exposing our blankets to direct light for a long time, especially when they are folded. The completely natural fiber can lead to slight color changes (fading) on ​​the upper side. The cover of the camel hair blanket and our hot water bottle covers can also fade on one side with continuous and direct sunlight.

Natural pilling
Our wool products are all untreated. Depending on the use, this can lead to pilling. Short fibers loosen from the fabric and become matted. The pilling subsides over time and is a "quality feature" of the blankets. With coarser or chemically treated blankets, there is less pilling.

Our blankets are made to cover yourself with. They are not suitable as an under bed, mattress protector, sofa or armchair cover. When used in this way, warmth, moisture and friction lead to a felting process in the woolen blankets that greatly changes the surface or the fabric.