Slatted Frame ergoVlex L

Perfect support for every mattress, every futon. Contour adjustment, makes your latex futon a little softer, especially in the hip and shoulder area.
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Höhenangabe oder Futon-Typ bitte im Kommentarfeld auf der letzten Seite angeben.
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Slatted Frame ergoVlex L - The Original.

The ergonomic box spring adjusts to every curve and gently absorbs every movement, highly sensitive, and contoured body zones such as the hips and shoulders are relieved noticeably.
Dynamic sleeping comfort that relaxes the muscles and the nervous system noticeably. The heavier the sleeper, the more noticeable the effect gets. Below 60kg not noticeable, above 90kg clearly noticeable.

ergoVlex L is also well suited for futons, because the surface is very dense and uniform, equally elastic.

ergoVlex L is flexible and therefore requires continuous support slats on the bed frame
For beds without lateral support slats the sub-frame Vlex-Base is available.

  • Type: Latex sprung slatted frame
  • Suspension: 2x 37 slats made of German laminated beech wood with natural surface.
    The slats of the upper row are specially slitted and rest on buffers of natural latex and latex coated coconut fibres.
  • Textile: Cotton
  • Height: 8cm
  • In size 140x200, Ergovlex L only works for light solo sleepers up to 60kg.