Quality Futons versus cheap Futon-productions

The difference between quality futon and cheap futon lies in the raw materials, the material composition and the processing. Our futons have been functionally developed, optimized and tested over many years.

All-natural raw materials, natural latex and
high-quality processing are clearly visible.
Futon DX 5 from Futonwerk.


On closer inspection, threads and impurities
can be seen in the supposedly natural cotton.
Cheap futon - Polish production.


1. The materials

All of our raw materials are 100% varietal and natural.
Virgin wool, cotton, horsehair, coconut fiber and natural latex are produced according to our specifications. All materials have been checked in advance by the ECO Institute.

  • 100% varietal and natural
  • High production standards

Some of the cotton is made of wool (processed textile scraps) * and up to 70% of poly fibers.
The virgin wool is also mixed with up to 50% poly-fibers. * (You can tell by the threads in the fleece and shiny fibers.)

  • Synthetic / partially synthetic latex
  • Teared wool instead of cotton, up to 50% poly fibers

2. Upholstery fabric

The upholstery fabrics for our futons are made from pure organic cotton.
The fine satin fabric is specially woven for our products.

  • Fine satin fabric
  • Pure organic cotton

The upholstery fabric is made of a simple conventional cotton fabric, which has an impact on flexibility and durability.

  • Simple xy fabric
  • Conventional cotton

3. Processing

Our materials have a constant quality in terms of strength, density, shape, size and weight, so that a futon from the futon factory does exactly what we promise you (/ - approx. 3% natural fluctuation).

  • High processing
  • Constant quality

When materials are processed roughly, which is sometimes unavoidable with cheap materials, larger variations in strength, shape, size and weight are common in the products.

  • Inferior workmanship
  • Fluctuations in quality

4. Production

All of our futons are made in Germany, by experienced employees and mostly by hand. In our 35-year history we have continuously developed and optimized our futons.

  • Manufacturing in Germany for over 30 years
  • Regular pollutant controls

The production facilities in Poland basically have a different approach, namely to make inexpensive goods. However, the resulting products have no resemblance to our quality.

  • Production in cheap abroad
  • Lack of quality controls

5. Delivery

Our futons are delivered free of charge, with our own car and driver, from our workbench to your home, on a fixed date and time.

  • Transport with your own vehicles
  • Free delivery in Germany

The delivery from Poland to the dealer and then to the customer is carried out by a low-cost freight forwarder, so that the sensitive goods are reloaded 4-6 times and there is a high probability that they will arrive in dirty-torn packaging at some point.

  • Transport by low-cost carriers
  • Additional delivery costs

Futoncheck - quality examination of various providers.

As a leading futon manufacturer with production experience that goes back to 1988, we of course know our products and materials down to the last detail and we know what is important, to make a good futon mattress.
In this test there are four comparable products from different providers. What is really inside and what about the quality and purity of the materials? You can find the answers to this in our futon check.

Video Futon-Check

  • Video futon check compact / 5: 28min

You can also find out more about FUTONs on our Youtube Channel