Order / Purchasing Process


For ordering your desired product you have the following options:

By website: Put the product into your shopping cart and fill out the required information by going through the steps - it's simple and without risk.
You can put different products and product options into your shopping cart or remove them again if you wish to. If you ordered something by mistake, you still have the option to delete the order.
Upon completion of your order an order confirmation / invoice is sent to you automatically.

By e-mail: You can simply send us an e-mail telling us which products you would like to order, your delivery address as well as your phone number. We will then send you an e-mail with the order confirmation and invoice.

By fax / phone: We also allow orders by fax or by phone:
FAX: +49 231 5898 1129 | TEL: +49 231 5898 1120.
Afterwards, you will receive the order confirmation / invoice by e-mail, fax or by post.

The order confirmation and invoice include all information regarding payment, the final price and the expected delivery week.


The following payment methods are available to you:

Bank Transfer: You transfer the money from your account to our account in advance and receive a cash discount of 3% automatically.
(We offer a cash discount of 3% because payment by bank transfer is the cheapest option for us and most of our customers use this payment method.)

Sofortüberweisung (Instant Bank Transfer) / Giropay: You are redirected to your online banking account - safe, quick and easy. Payment amount and our account details are automatically sent to the handling service by using this method during checkout.

PayPal: Simple, safe and quick; especially for foreign customers.
With PayPal (as financial service) we also offer purchasing by direct debit and purchase on account.

Credit Card: Payment using your master- or visa-card.

All payment methods are shown in detail prior to finishing your order through our online shop. In case of questions, please contact us at the contact details mentioned in our imprint.

Delivery / Comfort-Delivery

Delivery within Germany is free. (Europe: see below).

Upon confirming your order, your product is manufactured immediately and is ready for delivery after 8-14 days (futons & accessories, not beds).
Afterwards, the product is brought to you by our drivers or a delivery service as fast as possible, which means our futons are usually delivered after 2-3 weeks.

Due to the high order volume, the delivery time for our futons is currently up to 8 weeks (after receipt of payment) . We ask for your understanding.

Beds (and other products) from external suppliers can take longer; depending on the supplier up to 12 weeks. We provide information on the delivery time via order confirmation of the supplier (or on request).
Either way you will receive details on the delivery one week prior by e-mail.

We deliver 80% of our orders with our own trucks and drivers - comfortable, clean and on time.
For remote areas and depending on the planned routes, we may also use forwarding or parcel services (for smaller products) to deliver your order.
The delivery takes place "franco domicile", meaning the goods are delivered to your house. Our drivers help you bring the goods into the house/flat, forwarding drivers usually do too. If your flat/house is hard to reach, book the "Into-Your-House Delivery" to bring the goods safely inside. This service costs €49 for Germany and €69 for Switzerland*.
Beds and other furniture can be ordered with the Full Service option. For €159 we assemble your new bed / sofa bed and dispose of the packaging.(*Other EU-areas close to the border of Germany on request.)


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Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, England, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Greece, Solovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Spain, Canary Islands and USA are countries to which we have already delivered and all products arrived safely.

Orders from other European countries outside Germany are always welcome. It is merely a matter of logistics which we handle for you as well as delivery costs which we keep as low as possible. Delivery to foreign countries usually takes 1-2 weeks longer.

All information refers to futons / mattresses and beds.
Small articles which can be sent by parcel service are usually sent to you for free for orders with a value of €200 and higher.
You will be informed of the exact delivery costs before purchase.

SWITZERLAND - €80 for customs, no additional delivery costs for central Switzerland.
For regions that are further away, additional costs of €40-80 apply. The cost will be shown to you in our shop once you have entered your delivery address.
Delivery to Switzerland is totally uncomplicated for us. You can find more information on our Switzerland-Info-Page.

AUSTRIA costs (incl. toll costs) - depending on region and distance - between €35 and €80. The price will be shown to you once you enter your delivery address.


GREAT BRITAIN ... additional freight costs €100-200, depending on region and product. Shop-system will display a package of €150 first, deviations will be claimed or reimbursed.

FRANCE ... costs €100-200, depending on region and product. Shop-system will display a package of €150 first, deviations will be claimed or reimbursed.
... coûte fret supplémentaire 100-200 €, selon la région et le produit. Le système de boutique affiche initialement un montant de 150 €, les écarts seront réclamés ou remboursés.

Other Countries: We will always find a fair and quick way to deliver your goods and charge you only with the original costs. If you tell us your zip-code we can inform you of the exact delivery costs in advance.

ITALY ... costs €100-200, depending on region and product. Shop-system will display a package of €150 first, deviations will be claimed or reimbursed.
... il trasporto costa tra i 100 e i 200 €, a seconda della regione e della merce ordinata. Nel nostro Online-Shop apparirá inizialmente un costo di 150 €, eventuali differenze verranno rimborsate o richieste successivamente.

PORTUGAL ... costs approx. €90 freight costs, for each futon. Small articles suitable for parcel delivery (futons up to a width of 100cm, pillows and duvets) cost €40 for delivery. Shop-system will display a package of €90 first, deviations will be claimed or reimbursed.
... frete custa cerca de 90€, por Futon. O frete de produtos pequenos, que cabem numa caixa de encomenda (como Futons de até 100cm de largura, travesseiros, cobertores) custa 40€. No nosso Online-Shop é primeiramente cobrada uma taxa fixa de 90€, mas a diferença de preço é corrigida de acordo com seu pedido.

DENMARK ... costs €100-200, depending on region and product. Shop-system will display a package of €155 first, deviations will be claimed or reimbursed.
For Denmark we recommend our trading partner: in Copenhagen.
... ekstra fragtomkostninger 100-200 €, afhængig af område og produkt. Butikken Systemet vil i første omgang vise et gebyr på 155€, vil afvigelser hævdes eller refunderet.
Vi anbefaler at købe fra vores handelspartnere: in København.

NORWAY ... ... unfortunately we can no longer deliver larger futons to customers in Norway. We still deliver smaller futons and accessories up to a value of €1.000 by parcel service. In this case we will only charge you the net prices (your order will be changed manually). You will receive a customer invoice for the customs duties and VAT directly from the logistics service provider.
... For større futoner vil vi be deg kontakte vår distributør i Norge, who can supply any futon from our range. ( for customers in Sweden and for customers in Finland.)

SWEDEN ... approx. €150-250 for freight costs, depending on region and product. Shop-system will display a package of €180 first, deviations will be claimed or reimbursed.
... extra fraktkostnader 150-250 €, beroende på region och produkt. Butiken som initialt kommer att visa en avgift på 180 €, kommer avvikelser göras gällande eller återbetalas.

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