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We invite you to learn everything about futons and how to appreciate your sleep in the nicest way.

We manufacture finest futons, at friendly prices - advice individually - and deliver to your doorstep.

The perfect compound of fine cotton, strong wool, robust coconut and horsehair fibres in addition to the highly resilient core of natural rubber latex distinguishes each of our futons and provide pleasurable nice sleep - an enjoyable experience.

We answer your questions about futon & sleep and assist your choice by personal consulting on phone:
+49 (0)231 5898 1120 - with our consultation form
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Team FUTONwerk - finest futons since 1988

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100% nature. 100% comfort.

First of all it is about the raw materials : No compromises. In our futons comes only selected, exquisite, natural material quality.
We vouch for a genuine purity - at the highest level

Then it's about the perfect composition of materials. Which material does what and how does it optimally unfold this performance?

After all, the processing quality, which makes it necessary to prepare every detail exactly for each of the futons and then wrap it with tailor-made cover made of fine organic cotton wool, so that the feeling of well-being is combined with pleasure and the futon makes you want to sleep.

Because sleep is life and who sleeps well ...

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Buying tips for your best futon.

Your futon is to give you pleasure, a place of well-being ... for as long as possible. This requires a sensible choice.

We described our products in a fair and comprehensible way and have given them a weight indication. On the Buying Tips page, you'll find a lot of tips to help you choose your personal best futon.

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Our sites offer fair information that will help you find your best futon. We find that important.

Our personal consultation is oriented to your individual needs, not on sale. This is our principle.

Our manufactory produces futons in a grown tradition, individually and precisely. This is our know-how.

Our materials are 100% natural pure and of first class quality. We stand by our name.

The satisfaction of our customers is exceptionally large. That makes us happy and therefore we are working.

Noble is the futon, helpful and good.

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