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What is futon?

The futon has the oldest tradition as a sophisticated sleeping pad and its roots lie in ancient Japan.
Here you can find an interesting video on classic, Japanese futons, which is only rarely used in Japan nowadays: Futon

The European futon tradition is in the 4th Decade now and has a distinctly different character. We Europeans are heavier, sleep in larger beds and rarely move our sleeping pads (who wants to roll up his futon every day?). So our futon mattresses are bulky and more comfortable as well as more climate-active.

As for us, a core of natural rubber has been added in addition to the classic fibres cotton, wool, horsehair and coconut since then.

Natural latex offers a high level of comfort and anatomical adaptation and keeps the futon in shape significantly longer. As a result, the useful life of our futons is unusually high with about 12 - 16 years at an average - and even much longer when taken care of well. And for that timespan we plan the quality of our futons.

To find more information on our materials and other useful information and tips on the topic, take a look at our glossary and also at the general overview Information & Service.

To find the best futon for yourself, our product pages provide you with extensive information, as well as our purchasing tips. When ch The first thing to regard is the weight (per person / not per futon) ... and / or send us your question by mail.

Differentiation: Futon vs. classical mattresses

Futon (FUTONWERK-quality)
  • The high amount of natural fibers used create a very diffusible / breathable, thus dry, healthy sleeping environment.
  • High-quality materials lead to solidity and stability, therefore to a clearer lying position, more body awareness.
  • Complex knotting technique instead of quilting increases elasticity and therefore the comfort.
  • A small, high quality manufacturer guarantees careful single-item production - futon by futon in the highest quality.
  • Ecology / Sustainability as basic idea, considered on all levels.
Mattreess (classical, found in normal commerce)
  • Depending on material and workmanship - low diffusion / little breathable, due to synthetic materials.
  • Depending on material and workmanship - rather soft (foam) or springy (pocket / spring core), thus less support and stability.
  • Mostly 'political low cost production' from industrial manufacture and therefore limited in quality.
  • Primarily undefined materials with undefined amounts of harmful substances.
  • Bad price-performance ratio, but barely noticable for consumers.

There is a conventional mattress class, which comes close to our quality standards: the box-spring mattresses of the upper class (from manufacturers like Treca, France or Hästens, Sweden) which, however, cost a lot more. Such mattresses also offer more intelligent knotting (instead of quilting) and contain materials like ours.

Natural latex mattresses in turn differ from the so-called classical mattress and are more similar the futon - at least in terms of being natural -, but are significantly more elastic and therefore feel softer.

What makes us different?

You will always find the difference in the details, in many small and big details. First of all there are the raw materials: we do not accept compromises, but only work with selected, exquisite, natural quality and guarantee the highest level of real purity. Our raw materials are checked on the basis of strict guidelines of the QuL for around 240 relevant harmful substances using modern analytical technology.

Auch durch die gute, langjährige Beziehung zu unseren Lieferanten und die entsprechende Kenntnis der Herkunft und Wege der Materialien, können wir sicher gehen, mit sauberen, naturreinen Werkstoffen zu arbeiten.

Then there is the quality of workmanship, where every single layer is cut to size for your futon, prepared and finally covered – futon by futon – by individually tailored scale reference, made of fine cotton-satin so your futon is a visual delight too. Our customers expect all-natural products from us - that's our standard. You can find more on that subject in our Quality Policy / Warranty.

Basically, everything gets its meaning through the perfect combination of our futons, the precise coordination of the different materials.

So we offer a noticeable well-being and a good introduction to the sensitive and unknown world of sleeping ... source of a conscious and healthy living.

We would like to offer precisely the right futon for your individual feeling, so we have designed our descriptions very accurately. Nevertheless, a personal consultation can provide additional help, especially if you are inexperienced with futons.
If you have learnt to love a specific type of futon which you would like to get back, we can also create that exact special model for your needs.

You can speak with Dietmar Wagner personally and use 20 years of grown product knowledge by calling +49 (0)231 5898 1120 or by e-mailing ( us, or by using our contact form. Your mail is usually answered promptly.

Our most important and best products, in 3 collections:

The premium class of futons
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To the Biofutons

Since 1988 these futons are
a measure of quality

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TWIN Futon / Shihatsu
Lightweight combination futons
for many uses

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