Futon originates from Japan, where its roots are about 2000 years old. The classic futon consists of several thin layers of whipped cotton, which are sewn into a cover and can be rolled up and put away easily when the room is used for other things. With increasing age of the user, the number of futons and therefore the comfort grows – nowadays about 50% of the Japanese people still sleep in this way.

Our Euro - Futon with rubber core is hard to compare to the classic futon. Not only that our natural fibers cotton, wool, horse hair and coconut are produced in a modern and with the highest standards, allowing us to create magnificent mats that completely match our local sleeping habits. We will also put fine, highly elastic natural latex / natural rubber inside, which ensures that your futon is permanently supple, elastic and stays comfortable.

The comfort of such a futon is excellent and the climate activity huge - this provides a pleasant, calming sleep. Even for couples, futon is highly recommended because it carries almost every weight, but no motion is transmitted – only calmness. Our collection DX FUTON has been tested for over 20 years, has sold over 100,000 times and has many regular customers who wouldn't want to be without their futon anymore.

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