DX Futon

FUTON DX – seit 1988 sind diese Naturmatratzen ein Maßstab für Qualität – die Extraklasse. Erlesene Materialien in bester, deutscher, hand-werklicher Verarbeitung garantieren erstklassiges Schlaf-Vergnügen. Über 100.000-fach bewährt, steht hinter dieser Kollektion die größte Erfahrung und das Qualitätsurteil unzähliger Kunden.
  • Naturreine
  • Auch Vegan erhältlich
  • kostenlose Lieferung in DE

Futon DX 2

ab 399,00€

leicht & fest

Leichte und Bauchschläfer perfekt bis ca. 70kg / p.P.

Futon DX 3

ab 485,00€

sanft & weich

Leichte / mittlere Seitschläfer perfekt bis ca. 75kg / p.P.

Futon DX 4

ab 495,00€

stark & fest

Mittelschwere (-80kg) und Bauchschläfer bis ca. 90kg / p.P. und der Klassiker für Schlafsofas.

Futon DX 4plus

ab 545,00€

fest & sanft

"Klassiker in Höchstform"
fest an der Oberfläche ... elastisch in der Tiefe für alle Gewichtsklassen

Futon DX 5

ab 558,00€

kraftvolles Luxus-Futon

Futon-fest und äußerst komfortabel perfekt für jedes Gewicht

20 Jahre - für unsere DX FUTONs ganz normal.

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Futon DX - the extra class.Since 1988 our natural rubber-latex futons are a benchmark for quality.

Fine materials in perfect composition –handmade in Germany– guarantee premium futon pleasure.
About 100.000 times proven, this collection is based on the most experience and the quality judgement of numerous repeat customers.

Information about our DX Futon collection
You can find in our short Youtube Video (2:23 min) below.

FUTON DX 2 from 385 €

light & firm
delicate for light weight and stomach sleepers
perfect for about 70kg/ p.P.

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FUTON DX 3 from 429 €

soft & compact
soft, cuddly / for light weights
perfect for about 75kg / p.P.

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FUTON DX 4 from 439 €

strong & firm
powerful for medium
and stomach sleepers
perfect for about 85kg / p.P.

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FUTON DX4 plus from 519 €

especially powerful
"classic in top form"
for each weight

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FUTON DX4 plus

FUTON DX 5 from 539 €

gentlest luxury
very comfortable / all weights
for each weight

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20 years - quite normal for our DX FUTONs.

Many of our DX FUTONs have passed the 20-year mark, even with daily use. This is due to the perfect coordination of selected fibers with extra strong natural latex. (And because that users like them so much.)
The collection includes 5 models in many standard sizes, but any size is possible, as well as adapting the quality to your individual needs.

The low price is just as important to us as the high quality of our materials and the precision of our production.
The prices for DX FUTONs have remained at the same level despite their success. (Do not be confused by cheap imports, which are only supposedly cheaper; if in doubt, ask us, we will explain the difference to you.)

FUTON - Services and quality certificates

Every DX FUTON is of course also available in organic quality , in vegan and in special sizes.

For more information on making the right choice, see buying tips.

We are for personal advice and answering your questions: Mon - Fri 10:00 am - 6:00 pm: Tel: +49 231 5898 1120 or at any time with the contact form.

Find out more about our FUTON DX collection on our YouTube channel.

DX Futon collection - overview of all products (length: 2:22 min.)