TWIN Futon (Shiatsu)

There are many light futon mats, but rarely in such pure, high and reliable quality like our shiatsu futons.
They are made by us, in skilled manual work and from exquisite materials.
These delicate, Japanesed styled futons can be used for shiatsu-practice, as a place to relax on, for traveling or as a guest bed - but most of all as a daily sleeping place in form of a TWIN Futon (double futon).
Fine futon mats that make a lot of fun.
  • Zen

    Clarity is a virtue that can be achieved.

    Zen futons have a basis of natural fibers: cotton / coconut (vegan) or wool / horsehair in a cotton satin cover, with light threading stapled by hand. Visually and ergonomically in Japanese style.

    Zen Futon Logo - Futonwerk
  • Yasumi

    Life is as beautiful as we make it.

    Yasumi futons are as delicate as they are strong and have a lot to offer - the base is made of natural rubber with high firmness and is surrounded by plenty of good wool in Alpine quality, creating a pleasant feeling that brings joy to lying. In Japanese style but incomparably comfortable. And, of course, covered by a fine organic cotton cover.

    Yasumi Futon - Futonwerk
  • TWIN Futon
    TWIN Futon

    The light line.

    Powerful futon combination of two light futons of the Yasumi and Zen collections.
    Lightweight, versatile, comfortable ... for the everyday sleeping place.

    Yasumi and Zen equals TWIN-Futon
  • Accessories

    Various accessories for shiatsu / TWIN futons: Slipcovers (washable and also available in color),
    Wrapping tapes / Carrying bags for shiatsu mats, Molton covers, etc.