Duo Duvet

Füllungen: Wolle, Kamelflaum, Kaschmir, Seide oder Baumwolle.
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Duo Duvet

The duvet duo consists of two light blankets sewn together at the outer edge.
This creates an additional air chamber with the onion effect of winter clothes. Also the filler, the natural fiber remains there by supple, puffy and lasts longer.

The duo duvet is perfect for the central European winter. If that does not suffice (Central Europe is quite different), throw a second duvet over it. Usually a light summer duvet is sufficient, for those requiring more heat a moderate transition duvet.
The duo duvet Merino is certainly the most widely used, before the camel fluff variant which delivers a very good heat.
Note: Cashmere blankets are always individually manufactured goods that cannot be canceled or revoked free of charge.

Dimensions / Filling weights:
  • 135 x 200 cm / 1600g
  • 155 x 220 cm / 2000g
  • 160 x 210 cm / 2000g
  • 200 x 220 cm / 2600g
  • 240 x 220 cm / 3200g
  • Other dimensions available on request.

To the other duvets:

Merino sheep in Burgenland

Merino Wool

Our Merino sheep virgin wool comes from southern Germany and Austria and only from free-running sheep, which provides its good quality. The long pile of finely wavy back hair is used. The wool is washed intensively, but otherwise remains untouched. The residual content of wool wax (lanolin) results in the hygienic self-cleaning effect.


Filling: 100% Merino - virgin sheep's wool
Covering: 100% organic cotton
Style/Quilting: Bodyshape
Warmth: **well+
Moisture absorption: ***very well
Snuggle factor: **well+


  • high bulking power, high elasticity
  • high moisture absorption
  • breathable, climate regulating
  • dryly warm and hygienic sleeping climate
  • outstanding self-cleaning ability

Dromedaries in Nepal

Camel Hair

The camel hair originates from young camels living in the high plains of Asia. They possess an airy, multi layered coat which protects them from high temperature fluctuations.
The hair is collected and sorted by fineness, then washed intensively, carefully dried and cleared from awns (the rough particles are removed).
On request you can also get all camel hair duvets in washable, 30°C. However, the fibres are rougher and the original effect therefore reduced. The price is the same.


Filling: 100% camel hair, awns removed
Covering: 100% organic kotton, fine percal (from controlled organic cultivation)
Style/Quilting: Bodyform
Warmth: ***very good
Moisture absorption: ***very good
Snuggle factor: ***very good


  • soft, cuddly, warming
  • temperature equalising
  • very fast moisture transport
  • pleasantly dry sleeping climate

Cashmere goats in Scotland

Cashmere Wool

Cashmere is considered the lightest, finest and most valuable noble hair, white cashmere being the finest. It originates from different regions of Asia, originally from the region it got its name from in Cashmere, northern India. During the natural moulting the hair is collected, but additionally also collected with a wooden comb and sorted. The hair is washed on a natural basis. After sorting and washing, only 100g useable material for making duvets remain out of a kilogram of cashmere wool, explaining the high pricing.


Filling: 100% white cashmere goat hair, awns removed
Covering: 100% organic cotton, fine percale (from controlled organic cultivation)
Style/Quilting: Bodyform
Warmth: ****outstanding
Moisture absorption: ***very good
Snuggle factor: ****enormous


  • very light, soft and cuddly
  • very warm and breathable
  • best climate regulation

Silk cocoons


The fine tussah silk is only collected after hatching (or so it is said). Afterwards, it is degummed and cleaned during multiple wash cycles. Due to its smooth, long-fibred structure, silk has a very high warmth conductivity which is why it is particularly suited as a summer duvet and people with a lot of heat.


Filling: 100% Tussah-Wildseide
Covering: 100% Bio-Baumwolle, Feinperkal (kbA)
Style/Quilting: Bodyform
Warmth: °low
Moisture absorption: *fair
Snuggle factor: *fair

Cotton flower, ripe for harvesting


This duvet consists (aside of the sewing threads and the label) a hundred percent out of organic cotton and is particularly skin friendly. Allergy sufferers don't have to fear the cotton, especially not in this quality. For the climate - the sleeping, room and world climate - a victory. Provide the cotton duvet a nice sunbath for hygienic reasons every now and then. This will spare you the washing which isn't good for the material.


Filling: 100% organic cotton (from controlled organic cultivation), very bulky
Covering: 100% organic cotton, fine percale (from controlled organic cultivation)
Style/Quilting: Bodyform
Warmth: **good
Moisture absorption: **good
Snuggle factor: **good


  • made out of climate-friendly organic cotton
  • skin friendly, hygienic, (to an extent) washable
  • antiallergenic, antistatic