Futon bed

Futon bed

A futon bed combines close-to-the-floor sleeping and Japanese-style aesthetics for any room. Made of solid wood, the beds are characterized by a low bed height and give us the feeling of being "grounded" while sleeping, which can improve the quality of sleep. Discover our futon beds, on which you can put other mattresses besides the futon mattress!

Discount promotion

February 24: 6% on our bestsellers Biofuton DW 5.0 and the FUTON DX 3!

The More-Bed Discount: 4% for €1500 purchase, 6% for €2250, and 8% for a purchase of €3000.

  1. More-Bed-Discount*

    4% from 1.500 €

    6% from 2.250 €

    8% from 3.000 €

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