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Futonbed Yoru

Solid beech tatami futon bed.

Note: The beds are currently in initial production and are expected to be available in limited quantities from February 2024. As long as a size can be selected, the bed can be ordered.
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  • Bed height: 20 cm
  • Feet height: 12 cm
  • Inlaying depth: 5,5 cm
  • Outer measurements: Width / length +16 cm
  • Wood: Beech
  • Surface: Oiled
  • Central bar: yes, also traversal bars for tatami mats
  • Tatami mats not included

Bed Yoru

Particularly solid with 8 cm strong side beams and cubic feet, the Yoru bed offers an extremely stable base for tatami mats or slatted frames (4 cm beams). The futon lies beautifully as if on a small pedestal and appears in an Asian-looking ambience. The overall low lying position corresponds to the original idea of ​​a sleeping position close to the ground. A total of 8 massive feet support the bed frame in every sitting and lying position. A very special solid wood bed at a great price.

  • Frame thickness: 8 cm
  • Outer measurements: width / length + 16 cm
  • Overall height: 20 cm
  • Central bar: yes, also traversal bars for tatami mats

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What could be more beautiful than a completely natural sleeping environment. If you choose one of our natural wood beds, a futon and the matching slatted frame, you will receive an additional 4% discount for orders over € 1,250, 6% for orders over € 2,000 and even 8% for orders over € 2,750 (automatically deducted in the shopping cart). The discount applies to all products in the shopping cart, so for example also for natural blankets or pillows.

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