Slat-frame of solid wood from our wood-workshop, a proper base for a proper mattress.
2cm slats, metal free, made by us
10€/each discount when ordering 2 pcs.
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Choose your size and type of wood
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A solid, metal free solid wood frame that carries any mattress with decent breathability. As a rule, beech wood is used, in exceptional cases and with special dimensions, another type of wood (mostly linden) is also possible.

The lateral frame has a height of 4cm. It contains 23 bars (each measuring 5cm x 2cm) with gaps of about 3.8cm inbetween at a length of 1.95m. From a width of 120cm, the slat thickness is 5cm x 2cm. Frames are always 4-8cm shorter and around 1cm narrower than the nominal dimensions so that they can fit into any bed.

This frame can - as opposed to the roll-up frame - also be used in beds without slatted frame support. It reduces the inlay depth of the bed by 4cm / 8cm.

Width 140cm will generally be made with a length support strip for having a stable base also for two persons. The pillar in the middle has to be cut to right height or taken away if one person use.

Dimensions and details

  • Width: 70/80/90/100/120 / 140cm (minus 1cm)
  • Length: 200/210 / 220cm (minus 5cm)
  • Frame thickness: 4cm, 8cm
  • Last: 23 pieces, 5cm x 2cm, 3.8cm distance
  • Special features: metal-free
  • Type of wood: beech wood
  • Surface: Untreated
  • Origin: Own production