The bed - furniture for many years

Hardly any furniture has such durability as the bed, which usually lasts half your life, hardly any furniture has such an impact on our lives as the bed and with hardly any furniture we spend so much time. Every day for about seven hours. So it can be said that barely any other item in our lives has such significance as the bed. And as with everything else, the quality of the things we surround ourselves with and occupy ourselves with determines our state of being.

The fact that a bed has to be stable is obvious, as well as the fact that it should be made of harmless, preferably even healthy material.

The rest is a matter of taste, at least as far as concerning the bed frame. It is entirely up to you to decide what shape and color of a bed frame you will like. Whereby the joy, however, should not come too short, because as a bad material affects you, so does a bad environment. While a beautiful room, beautiful furniture, a beautiful bed is a constant source of joy.

Solid wood beds - the natural quality

There is a wide range of models, designs, and qualities, for every taste and budget. We mainly focus on bed frames made of wood and primarily on models made of solid wood. In addition to stability, it is also about the diverse design possibilities that wood offers. They are based on the century-old tradition and experience of the carpentry craft and offer scope for almost any design style.

But last but not least, beds made of pure wood, and especially wooden beds with an oiled surface, are about both ecological and indoor climate quality. By far the best values in these disciplines are achieved by solid wood beds with an unvarnished surface and made of local woods. An open-pored solid wood bed, i.e. not varnished nor oiled, diffuses and acts as a kind of room air filter, due to its volume. And local wood is, of course, more environmentally friendly than imported wood, not least because of the extensive regulations on the treatment of forests and wood, cozy atmosphere included. In the case of some oiled woods, there is also a gentle smell that intensifies the coziness, and when it comes to scent, the Swiss pine (wood of the Swiss stone pine) is certainly the first to be mentioned, as its scent is legendary.

A good solid wood bed made of local woods, with an oiled surface, as we see it, may confidently be called an organic bed, and such an organic bed has practically no expiry date.

Whether it is a bed frame made of beech heartwood, beech, walnut, oak, ash, pine, or wild oak.

If these considerations are relevant to you, just ask us from where which bed model comes or how it is made. We will be happy to inform you, but in the end, of course, it remains your decision on what or in what you experience your night.

Futon beds - messengers of individualized diversity

As many different sleep systems and mattress types exist, as many different bed types exist in the designation. But whether you prefer a spring core mattress, pocket spring core mattress, cold foam mattress, natural latex mattress or a futon mattress is independent on the type of bed. Whether it is a metal bed or a metal-free bed, which is usually made of solid wood, a so-called floating bed, where you do not see the feet, a box spring bed, which from the outset includes a two- or more-layer mattress structure, or a futon bed, which differs only in having a rather flatter design, they are all compatible with each other.

We mainly focus, in the sense of our quality standards, on solid wood beds, which show both an appealing design and stability that offers a calm, safe feeling while lying. In the Futonwerk assortment, the focus is on the so-called futon beds.

The term futon comes from the Japanese culture and simply refers to the sleeping place. And because this, at least in ancient Japan, was usually on the floor, – which is no longer the case in modern Japan – low beds are commonly referred to as futon beds. This is actually nonsense, because sleeping low or high is a personal choice, just in the same way that there are different body types. And there are a lot of interesting low beds in western design as well. However you evaluate this, the term futon bed has established itself as a label for floor-near bed models.

However, we must strongly disagree when the term futon bed is associated with inferior quality. Just as there are a lot of inferior products among futon mattresses that are better avoided in the bedroom, there are of course similar products among beds and slatted frames. But we are not engaging with that but with futon beds in the very sense that once made them popular. When we launched the first futon beds in the mid-1980s, it was a small evolution. In Central Europe, the materials industry already had the market pretty much under control, and pressboard beds with any type of veneer surface, such as the famous rustic oak, were available everywhere. Carpenters only had a small share in the business, especially in larger cities, because they could not keep up with the prices. It was also considered fashionable to have such material furniture. The futon bed with its so very different look was suddenly like a liberation for a whole generation, bedrooms became living spaces again, and a new culture started to grow. The futon bed as such certainly contributed to the regeneration of our society. In contrast to those days, when almost all futon beds were black or colorfully varnished, today's futon beds are mostly natural or oiled.

So, a futon bed is a matter of style and if it is of good origin and construction, it will support any type of mattress or sleep system, and certainly not just futons.

Slatted frames, woods, and the right size

Even if there are some design models among futon beds that are so to speak already slatted, in general, the futon bed also requires a slatted frame or two, just as in any other type of bed. We strongly recommend a stable solution, as well as for the bed frame, so sleep is favored by peace and safety in bed. Roll-up slats or frame slats made of solid wood are good for this purpose. People who need more intensive body adjustment can use highly flexible slatted frames such as Ergovlex, which despite their flexibility do not swing and provide calm stability.

The Ergovlex slatted frames are therefore originally at home at Neonatura, in the area of natural latex mattresses. However, those who prefer to spend their nights on a classic natural futon-style mattress and want to combine the fundamentally higher firmness with the contour adaptation are not doing anything wrong, this is especially true for side sleepers. This aspect also demonstrates that there is no technical difference, between a futon bed and any other type of bed.

By the way, the dimensions of the beds are always given in such a way that the inner dimension is mentioned, while slatted frames and mattresses are always (logically) mentioned in the outer dimension. Therefore, slats and the mattress always fit into the bed frame, no matter what type of bed or what kind of slatted frame or mattress.

So, when it comes to measurement, pay attention exclusively to your needs. How much space do you want or how much space do you have?

Most beds are selected in 160x200cm, followed by 140x200cm and 180x200cm. Many customers struggle with answering this question and deal with practicability, room dimensions, sleeping patterns, fantasies, and desires, but in the end, always find their reality. And be it that we build a special size. Although the also frequently chosen dimensions with 220cm length do not belong to the special dimensions yet, but are standard, for people taller than 1,90m.

A special size, for example, would be 170x215cm, a Feng Shui measure or whatever other measure finds its way into individual heads or room concepts.

Lastly, you can also look at the different woods we have in our assortment on the overview page wood types of our beds.

You can find more practical tips on our page buying recommendations and of course, we are personally available to answer any of your questions.


The choice of bed frame is a decision of taste, space or ecological requirements.
We give you an idea of ​​the style, appearance and quality of the Futon bed of course, deliver your desired model to your home free of charge.
If you choose one of our Bed, Futon and slatted frame, you will also receive a 4% bed-complete discount *.

*Applies also to bedsteads that do not require slatted frames, from 1500€ order value.

4% full bed discount

Bed Full Discount

* When you buy a bed frame with slatted frame and futon, you receive a 4% complete bed discount! Also valid for bed frames that do not require slatted frames.
From one Order value of € 1,500.

Our solid wood beds

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  1. Bed YAK; metal-free solid wood bed; especially suitable for futons|Metal-free futon bed YAK made of solid pine wood

    Bed YAK

    Premium - metal-free, sustainable and German carpentry work
    • Bed height: 29 / 34 cm
    • Feet height: 20 / 25 cm
    • Wood: In 5 different types of wood available
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    Free delivery
    from 848,00 € i If you pay by bank transfer, you will receive a 3% discount and can benefit from further discounts.
    + Volume/complete bed and sleeping sofa discount additionally 3% each. (Only for payment by bank transfer)
  2. Bed Designeo, Wood type Heartwood Beech

    Bed Designeo

    Design and manual quality joinery in perfection. Metal-free made from lubricated solid wood.
    • Bed height: 28 cm
    • Feet height: 28 cm
    • Wood: Available in 7 different wood species
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    Free delivery
    from 1.925,00 € i If you pay by bank transfer, you will receive a 3% discount and can benefit from further discounts.
    + Volume/complete bed and sleeping sofa discount additionally 3% each. (Only for payment by bank transfer)
  3. Bett + Futon + Slatted frame
    - 4% Bed-Complete-Discount

    Also valid for bedsteads that do not require slatted frames.
    From an order value of 1.500,- €.