Showroom in Dortmund

Our showroom / factory outlet with about 150m² of space has the following opening hours:

Mo. - Fr. 2pm - 6pm
For other times and weekends an arrangement can be made by phone.

If you wish to make an appointment with us by phone: +49 231 5898 1120

Split costs:
If you live far away (> 100km), we offer a discount of 10€ per 100km (one-way) for your order.

Hohe Str. 58
44139 Dortmund

Bigger Map View

We are located where Streetview shows the Deutsche Bank building.


On 200m² showroom we offer:
  • Consultation for better sleep ... lying on the best futons / natural mattresses for testing ... pretty good coffee.
  • Futons in the showroom: FUTON DX 3, DX 4, DX 5, BIOFUTON DW 2.0, DW 4.1, DW 5.0, DW 5.1,
    DW 5.1/Sensitive, DW 6.0, Yasumi 3+2, Yasumi 3+2 sensitive, Yasumi 3, Zen 4, Zen 8, Zen R2+3 (KK and RH), Zen R2+6 (KK)
  • Beds in the showroom: Designeo, Yak, Fly, Private Space, Moellner Platz 9, Anna mit Polsterkopfteil, Airo, Proof, System, ..., Tatami
    Sofa beds: EINS, B2, Kalas, ...