Welcome to our Showroom in Dortmund

Our showroom shows all our futon types and a selection of beautiful and good beds such as sofa frames to touch and look ... Please make an appointment in advance on Tel. +49 (0) 231 5898 1120 or at
When you come to us, we are there for you, offer you the advice you need and give you the time and space to empathize ... it is your personal appointment. We advise you here in our showroom, Monday to Friday between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m.
As far as travel costs are concerned (on average, our visitors come to us from 150 km away), we assume 20€ per 100 km one-way, which we charge when ordering.

Our adress
Wulfshofstraße 20
DE 44149 Dortmund
+49 (0)231 5898 1120


Exhibition and advice

We present to you in our showroom:
  • Consultation for better sleep ... lying on the best futons / natural mattresses for testing ... pretty good coffee.
  • Futons in the showroom: FUTON DX 3, DX 4, DX 5, BIOFUTON DW 2.0, DW 4.1, DW 5.0, DW 5.1,
    DW 5.1/Sensitive, DW 6.1, DW 6.1/Sensitiv, Yasumi 3+2, Yasumi 3+2 sensitive, Yasumi 3, Zen 4, Zen 8, Zen R2+3, Zen R2+6 (K)
  • Beds in the showroom: Designeo, Yak, Fly, Ikara, Moellner Platz 9, Proof, System, Max, Jule ..., Tatami
    Sofa beds: EINS, B2, Layti, Minimum ...