Futon Showroom in Berlin

Futonbett Primus und FUTON DX2

Futonwerk Showroom Berlin
We travel to Berlin on a regular basis to deliver our futons and soon, we are going to stay. At least our futons; in the form of a showroom to show the people of Berlin and the surrounding area our excellent futons for testing.

We were already in Berlin 33 years ago as shown by the old photo from 1989 (futon bed Primus and FUTON DX) to bring champagne and cake to the people at the Berlin Wall. And, of course, to immortalise one of our futon beds in that special atmosphere shortly before the fall of the wall.
Moments like those connect, and ever since then, every futon or futon bed that we delivered to Berlin was a little bit special.

And because the Berlin market has developed primarily toward cheap futons - often from Poland - and Berlin has become known as the center of rather bad futons, it is about time for us to open a Futonwerk Showroom Berlin.

We are looking for suitable, affordable premises in an acceptable area, preferably in Berlin Kreuzberg / Friedrichshain. If you know of a good location, we would be happy about a message from you.