Odds and ends

Odds and ends

Nice small stuff... Accessories, lamps, vases, horsehair insoles. Here you can find articles that do not fit directly into our assortment, but which are a pleasure for us and maybe also for you. There are only a few yet, but with time there will be more.

  1. schneidebrett-kueche Cutting board Gusto

    Startet von from 24,00 €

    Solid beech wood from the trunk
  2. Geschenkgutschein Gift voucher
    from 25 €
    From Futonwerk
  3. Naturholz Einlegesohlen Natural wood arch support
    9,50 €
    From Odenwälder
  4. Moosburger Horsehair Insole Horsehair insole
    17,90 €
    From Moosburger
  5. Lavender bag Lavender bag
    Single price 6,90 € (2 pcs. 5,90€/pcs.)
    Lavender bags from Futonwerk
  6. Lavender bag Paper vase from
    15,90 €
    From Pepe Heykoop
    Now 20% off
  7. Stone pine cubes with organic oil Stone pine cubes with organic oil
    from € 24.90
    Pleasant aroma of pine throughout the bedroom