Stone pine cubes with organic stone pine oil

On the bedside table, it spreads the pleasant aroma of pine throughout the bedroom.
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Stone pine cubes with organic stone pine oil

Our stone pine cube is ideal as a decoration for every room. On the bedside table, it spreads the pleasant aroma of pine throughout the bedroom. Each cube is made of stone pine and is unique in itself. Fill the hole with stone pine chips and spread a pleasant scent of stone pine. But it is also a real eye-catcher in the living room and an enrichment for the sense of smell. Each piece of cube is unique.

Hygiene: Wipe the stone pine with a damp cloth. The fragrance also unfolds in a new way.
Tip: Mix a drop of stone pine oil with the stone pine for an even more intense scent!

Scope of delivery: 1 piece of stone pine cubes 7,5 x 7,5x 8cm; Stone pine oil 10ml; Pine wood chips

The Swiss stone pine - A tree with a special effect 

The positive effect of the fragrant Swiss pine on the well-being is no secret anymore. For several hundred years, not only the beautifully grained wood of the Swiss pine has been used for furniture, carving, and interior finishing, but also its valuable extracts have been used as a medical remedy. Very popular and widespread, especially in Austria, and South Tirol, is also the “Zirbenschnaps” and “Zirbenlikör”, which is made from the cones and seeds of the Swiss pine. The Swiss stone pine (lat. Pinus cembra) is also called arolla pine or shortly, Swiss pine. The Swiss stone pine belongs to the pine family and can grow up to 25 meters high and even up to 1000 years old in its homeland, the Alps and Carpathians, where it grows at altitudes from 1300 meters to 2850 meters.
zirbenholz-gesund Swiss stone pine

What is Swiss pine used for?

Due to its natural occurrence in Austria, South Tirol and Switzerland, Swiss pine wood has been used for many years for building houses, for example as wall paneling inside, on roofs as shingles, or even for the production of furniture. In the meantime, we also offer a diverse range of beautiful Swiss pine furniture, which is especially popular for bedrooms. The most popular bed in pine wood in our collection is the Bed YAK. Due to its natural aromatic scent, the strands of Swiss pine are often used as a filling for pillows, and artists such as wood sculptors and carvers also appreciate the fragrant reddish-brown wood of Swiss stone pine. In addition, and this is a very important aspect, the processing is also sustainable from an ecological point of view, as currently more Swiss stone pine wood regrows than is felled.

Products made of Swiss stone pine - What effects do they have on health?

Anyone who has ever been in a room with Swiss pine furniture or even Swiss pine walls and ceilings has certainly noticed the spicy, aromatic scent in the room. Swiss stone pine wood is said to have a sleep-promoting and calming effect mainly due to its scent, caused by the essential oils it contains. Thus, the essential oils in Swiss pine can cause the heart rate to slow down during sleep, making it deeper and more restful. Probably because of these properties, Swiss pine wood pillows are becoming increasingly popular and are decorating the bed in many bedrooms.

Nervousness and anxiety are also said to be relieved, and a balm made from Swiss stone pine oil is said to be able to relieve muscle tension by stimulating blood circulation. Because of its circulation-stimulating and relaxing effects, Swiss stone pine oil can also provide relief from headaches.

pine needles and cones Swiss pine needles and cones

The essential oils of Swiss pine can also have a positive effect on the respiratory tract and relieve symptoms such as coughing, for example in the context of bronchitis, as they have an expectorant effect. The essential oils are also said to have a healing effect on inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, as they have a strong antibacterial and anti- inflammatory effect.

Anyone who has Swiss stone pine furniture in their bedroom has probably also unconsciously done something against unpleasant vermin and insects, because the scent of Swiss pine drives away moths, among other insects, and even annoying mosquitoes tend to avoid rooms in which Swiss pine has been processed.

Our stone pine cube with organic Swiss pine oil - Natural decoration for any room.

The Swiss stone pine cube is not only a stylish little individual decorative object but also brings its users a very special benefit. The recess in the Swiss stone pine cube can be filled with the supplied strands and thus spreads a natural woody scent in the room. If you want to intensify the scent, even more, you can add a few drops of high-quality organic Swiss pine oil to the strands. While this natural product can ensure relaxing sleep in the bedroom, it can neutralize odors such as those from cigarette smoke or kitchen smells in the living area.


What is organic Swiss stone pine oil?

Swiss pine oil is made from the cones, needles, and twigs of the Swiss pine tree. For the production of the oil, the „waste materials", which are produced during the processing of the wood, are used. The pure essential oil is obtained by steam distillation.