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Metal-free, ecological and sustainable carpentry work
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from 848,00 € i When you buy a futon with bed or sofa bed you get 4% Complete-Discount*.
+ With payment method bank transfer you also benefit additionally from 3% Cash discount.
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Free delivery within Germany.
Further shipment details for Europe and Switzerland, can be found here.

4% Bed complete discount!* i * When you buy a bed frame with slatted frame and futon, you get 4% bed complete discount. Also valid for beds that do not require slatted frames.
From an order value of 1.500,- €.

Aktion Mehrwert i Weihnachtsrabatt
bis 31.12.2022

5% ab 1500 €
7% ab 2000 €
10% ab 2500 €

auf den gesamten

Der Rabatt ist mit
3% Skonto bei

Nicht kombinierbar mit
Bett Komplett-Rabatt,
Studenten-, Verliebten-,
Künstler- und Sozialrabatt.

bis 31.12.2022


  • Bed height: 29 / 34 cm
  • Feet height: 20 / 25 cm
  • Inlaying depth: 6,4 cm
  • Material: Core beech, Beech, Core ash, Birch, Oak, Am. Cherry, Am. Walnut
  • Surface: Olied
  • Slatted frame support: Lenght support strip


The Tatami bed “Yak” is fine joinery from Bavaria. Selected regional wood is processed and refined in affectionate manual work. Besides, the clear line, the tailor-made, metal-free construction, as well as the individual wood selection, please the eye and soul. You can choose by desire who intense or mild the wood grain/color turns out, if extra intensely patterned, for example, with knotholes and color streaks or extra mild and still. Our favorite recommendation at the moment.

Use our full service or assemble the bed yourself. (Download: Assembly instructions)

Corner Detail

  • Frame thickness: 9 cm
  • Outer measurements: Width / Length +18 cm
  • Overall height: 79 / 64 cm
  • Headboard height: 40 cm
  • Central Bar: for beds with width from 140 cm
  • Peculiarities: Metal-free, with wood screws
    Due to the small inlaying depth we advise roll up slatted frames

Four percent discount off your complete bed.

What could be better than a completely natural sleeping environment? If you decide upon one of our natural wood beds, additionally chose a futon and a suitable slatted frame, you receive an additional 4% complete bed discount, starting from an order value of 1,500€.

For beds that already include a slatted frame or a stable contact surface, the complete bed discount comes to effect when you chose a mattress cover or a coconut base mattress instead of s slatted frame to stabilize the contact surface. Here, again an order value of 1,500€ is valid.

For example:

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