About us

Since 1988, we have been manufacturing first-class futons, natural latex mattresses and other textile items that belong to a good night's sleep in a small manufacturing company. We also have solid wood furniture manufactured that conform to our principles of sustainability and health. Always nature, exquisite raw materials, German craftsmanship - always the highest quality.

Since 2009, we have been selling our futons directly and without intermediary trade, via our website. This enables us to offer advice that meets our high quality standards and at the same time keeps prices low (whoever is cheaper than us cheats).

Our employees have extensive experience, such as the producers of our raw materials, with whom we have been working for many years and thus also ensure reliable quality.

You will find a large selection of first-class and ecologically sustainable futons / natural mattresses, so that there is the right one for everyone and at fair prices, because one of our demands is to make top quality affordable.
We only use the best materials, whereby we pay particular attention to the quality of the natural rubber, which gives our futons the unmistakable touch. For us, textiles are basically made of organic cotton, most of the fleeces inside. Our wool corresponds to organic quality, but we also have certified organic wool for you at any time. All of our futons / natural mattresses are certified by the ECO Institute.

We wish you many good nights on your FUTON!
Dietmar Wagner & The FUTONWERK Team

Futonwerk Team

„We dedicate ourselves completely to our favourite subject FUTON.
The praise that our products and services bring us is both gratifying and affirming.“

Dietmar Wagner Management / Product development customer advice
Ulrich Gaupp Marketing / Customer Advisory
Lisabel Wagner Management Assistance
Steffen Härer E-Commerce Management
Danny Waldminghaus Delivery Service
Jermyn Kurtz Manufacturing / Warehouse
Daniel Schmitz Warehouse management / goods receipt / goods issue
Derek Milos Production Futons
Melanie Anders Sewing room
+ All other team members, whether in programming, futon production, storage or cleaning are no less important for overall success, but not everyone wants to be photographed.

How it all started

It was in the spring of 1986, when I spent the first night on a FUTON, a pure, 10-ply cotton futon.
So one day the burgundy-red thing (from Futon Company, London) was lying in my bedroom on the floor next to my bed with an old spring mattress and trampoline bed base, which I had not slept properly on for a long time. For some time now I battled with sleep disturbances and I was already consulting neurological assistance because of the matter. Sleep-shops, especially those with natural ingredients such as the one you may know, did not really exist at that time, at least not in the Ruhr region, let alone sites like this as the public internet was not available even more so.

Actually I didn’t really know what to do with the mat on my floor, so I first laid down on it, found it to be comfortable and decided to pause for a moment to think and feel into it.

The moment then lasted a good 8 or 9 hours as I very soon fell asleep and probably tucked the duvet towards me during the night.
The next morning I woke up relaxed and well rested for the first time since quite a long period; I was "healed".
The firmness, the languorous one after the years on the 'trampoline', the naturalness as well as the beautiful color and simply the other look, all that made me so happy that I decided right there and then to henceforth dedicate myself to this issue. It has now been many years and many products, several manufacturing facilities and several shops have emerged since. But above all: many people have since been given the opportunity and learned to deal with the topic of sleep properly, in order to give it the importance it deserves.

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Sleep is life and who sleeps well...