About us

Good day.

Since 1988 my team and I manufacture quality futons, natural latex mattresses, solid wood beds and whatever else is required for good sleep - always completely natural, made from selected raw materials and German handicrafts - always top quality.

Since 2009 we sell our futons directly and without intermediate trade through our website. This allows us to provide consultation that matches our high quality standards and keep the price fair at the same time (those who are cheaper than us are cheating).

The people that manufacture your futon are still the same and have a lot of growing experience as well as the manufacturer of our materials, with some of whom we sometimes work together since the beginning and in this way ensuring consistent quality.
At FUTONWERK we devote ourselves completely to my favorite topic: FUTON, and the amount of praise we receive for our products validates our work.

However, in a sense with make it easy for ourselves: we use only the best materials, whereas we always have a special focus on the quality of natural rubber, which provides our futons with that extra special touch.

You will find a selection of quality futons that will make your sleep much 'nicer' - at very friendly prices as it is also our aim to make top quality affordable.

If you have questions concerning sleep or how to find your personal futon, please send me an email at info@futonwerk.de or via our contact form or simply give me a call: 0231 5898 1120. We will happily attend to your questions with our extensive expertise personally.

Thanks for your interest and many good nights
on your FUTON!

Dietmar Wagner

Futonwerk Team

Dietmar Wagner - Team Futonwerk
Dietmar Wagner (Product Development, Customer Consultation)
I have created many natural mattresses as a product developer already. What matters the most to me is that each of our products is coherent and fulfills its intended purpose, thereby giving it a meaning. Futons of high quality have always been my favorite products.
Of course I can tell you everything about each futon and most likely lead you to the right product better than simply trying mattresses out by yourself would.
Favorite products: Biofuton DW 5.0 /Horsehair and TWIN Futon
Detlef Tolewski - Team Futonwerk
Detlef Tolewski (Flow of Goods, Customer Consultation)
Detlef Tolewski has been living the subject FUTON for over 25 years now. He was already a big part of our original company - "Form in Form" - in which he also led the production and logistics. Some futon models were developed with his help.
Nowadays he is still in charge of the flow of goods; from the raw material up until the punctual delivery at our customers in all of Europe. Naturally, he can also help you out with any question regarding futons and beds.
Favorite products:
Steffi Jülich (Accounting, Administration)
With over 20 years of experience, she handles all the matters that otherwise nobody can or does: accounting, personnel and general administration.
Who knows if it is because of her pragmatic position that Steffi Jülich appears to be the center of the company to some?
Susanne Textor - Team Futonwerk
Susanne Textor (Production Management)
For 25 years Susanne Textor has been making futons and natural latex mattresses. There are probably only a few people on this planet who can match her level of craftmanship in that regard; the eye, the skill, the right tweak. When you try out one of our futons you will understand. In accordance to that, the manufacturing process is well structured and organized, meaning that in the end, everybody does their part right.
Agnes A. de Castro - Team Futonwerk
Agnes A. de Castro (Customer Consultation, Administration)
"Understand yourself and you understand the world" is the saying, but some people can do both. That's how the nature gifted us with Agnes A. de Castro by bringing her from her studies in Brasil over to us to Dortmund where she was our brilliant apprentice up until May 2018 before becoming a full employee.
Whether in customer consultation with best futon know-how or in administrative processes, Ms. de Castro shows she understands futons, people and herself in everything she does.
Ibrahim Süzük - Team Futonwerk Former Employee
Ibrahim Süzük (Web Development, IT)
As a trained computer scientiest, Ibrahim "Ibo" Süzük specialized in web engineering and e-commerce. He started working on websites as a pupil and nowadays takes care of the Futonwerk website among others as a freelance web developer.
He can proudly call the software architecture of the company his creation.
His area of responsibility primarily includes the continuous expansion and improvement of online shop's functionalities so that our technology always matches the newest demands. In addition, he is responsible for the management of technical projects and coordinates the IT team of Futonwerk.
Favorite products: BIOFUTON DW 6.0

How it all began

It was in the spring of 1986, when I spent the first night on a FUTON, a pure, 10-ply cotton futon.
So one day the burgundy-red thing (from Futon Company, London) was lying in my bedroom on the floor next to my bed with an old spring mattress and trampoline bed base, which I had not slept properly on for a long time. For some time now I battled with sleep disturbances and I was already consulting neurological assistance because of the matter. Sleep-shops, especially those with natural ingredients such as the one you may know, did not really exist at that time, at least not in the Ruhr region, let alone sites like this as the public internet was not available even more so.
Actually I didn’t really know what to do with the mat on my floor, so I first laid down on it, found it to be comfortable and decided to pause for a moment to think and feel into it.

The moment then lasted a good 8 or 9 hours as I very soon fell asleep and probably tucked the duvet towards me during the night.
The next morning I woke up relaxed and well rested for the first time since quite a long period; I was "healed". The firmness, the languorous one after the years on the 'trampoline', the naturalness as well as the beautiful color and simply the other look, all that made me so happy that I decided right there and then to henceforth dedicate myself to this issue. It has now been many years and many products, several manufacturing facilities and several shops have emerged since. But above all: many people have since been given the opportunity and learned to deal with the topic of sleep properly, in order to give it the importance it deserves.

Sleep is life and who sleeps well...