Merino Pillow

Quilted pillows with stuffing of 100% merino wool in flakes or fleece making up.

  • fabric made of cotton jersey, quilted with merino wool
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Merino Pillow

Our Merino pillows are available with flakes filling or non-filling.

Flakes are loose and can be shook and pressed into position, similar to the feather bed, only stronger and more dimensionally stable.
Soft pillows are available with 300g filling = very shallow, for stomach sleepers, small or thin people
or with filling 600g * = very bulky, for side sleepers, broad-shouldered or pillow huggers
*(If too thick, take some stuffing out and fill it later if necessary.)

The fleece cushion is denser and stronger, with time becomes a little harder (but can be shook well), gives restless sleepers secure fit; especially suitable for back or stomach sleepers.

New wool needs a lot of oxygen / fresh air. Fresh it up from time to time and put it in front of an open window.


  • Cover: cotton jersey, quilted with Merino sheep wool
  • Filling: 100% merino wool from southern Germany
  • Featuring: Side zip, no internal cover