The noblest futons. Designed with the help of years of experience and the newest findings, with ecological materials and unique comfort, maybe even a little too good to describe them with words.


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Die edelsten Futons. Aus alter Erfahrung und neuestem Wissen konzipiert, aus ökologischen Materialien und mit einzigartigem Komfort - vielleicht etwas zu gut, um sie mit Worten zu beschreiben.
  • Naturreine
  • Auch Vegan erhältlich
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Bio Futon DW 2.0

ab 498,00€

Recht fest, oben sanft. Gut geeignet für leichte Seitenschläfer bis ca. 60kg oder Bauch-/ Rückenschläfer bis ca.75 kg /pro Person.

Bio Futon DW 2.1

ab 498,00€

Filigranes, schönes Futon für leichte

Bio Futon DW 4.0

ab 578,00€

Gut geeignet für Futon erfahrene Paare, auch mit unterschiedlichem Körpergewicht.

Bio Futon DW 4.1

ab 628,00€

Besonders für Paare mit großem Gewichts-unterschied, wenn der leichtere Partner Bauchschläfer ist.

Bio Futon DW 5.0

ab 568,00€

Willkommen in der Futon-Luxusklasse. Sicher eines der besten Futons unseres Hauses, wohl eines der besten der Welt, verbindet das Futon typische, stabile Liegegefühl mit höchstem Komfort.

Bio Futon DW 5.1

ab 648,00€

Ohne die Futon typische Festigkeit aufzugeben bietet dieses enorm starke Futon einen tollen Liegekomfort mit Körperanpassung.

Bio Futon DW 5.1 Sensitiv

ab 648,00€

Feiner Komfort für empfindsame Menschen.

Bio Futon DW 6.0

ab 720,00€

Das Futon-Kraftpaket in der Luxusklasse. Anfangs weich für Leichte, wegen der vielen Baumwolle, dann fester werdend.

Wie finde ich das für mich passende Futon?

Unsere Alternativen zu BIOFUTON

BIOFUTON DW 2.0from 399,00 €

Delicate, beautiful futon for lightweight people.

Well suited for light side sleepers up to approx. 70kg or belly / back sleepers up to approx. 75 kg / per person, also perfect for children and teenagers.

This futon is the basic model of the collection BIOFUTON and comes conceptually from the DX FUTON family.

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BIOFUTON DW 2.1from 425,00 €

Beautiful, extra soft futon for lightweight people.

This variation is much softer than DW 2.0, but it is like the BIOFUTON DW 2.2 (vegan), but with our wonderful velcro-wool (in alpine quality), which brings more comfort and a higher durability.

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BIOFUTON DW 4.0from 528,00 €

A powerful futon with great comfort.

Appropriate for most couples, even with a significant difference in body weight

The structure is similar to the basic model DX 4 (DX FUTON) with a high base firmness and great movement dynamics, even for high body weights

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Only available in nature.

BIOFUTON DW 4.1from 598,00 €

Power and drive at the highest level.

Especially for couples with great weight difference, if the lighter partner is belly sleeper.

The structure is the basic model bioFUTON DW 4.0 and therefore provides a good basic firmness, but very much lets you feel the natural latex comfort.

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BIOFUTON DW 5.0from 558,00 €

Welcome to the luxury class

Surely one of the best futons from our home, probably one of the best in the world combines the typical futon stable lying sensation with the highest comfort.

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BIOFUTON DW 5.1from 624,00 €

Without losing the futon typical feeling, this 'high-end' futon provides especially side sleepers an incredible sleep comfort, with an enormous body adaptation

For all those who indulge in relishing sleeping experience and that value a stay in bed.

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until 11th of August 2019
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BIOFUTON DW 5.1 sensitivefrom 624,00 €

Fine comfort for sensitive people.

Only a small but noticeable detail distinguishes this futon from the standard model DW 5.1 and our other futons: The extra-solid Futonwerk - nature latex is here slightly softer designed by approx. 12%.

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until 11th of August 2019
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BIOFUTON DW 6.0from 735,00 €

The power pack in the luxury class.

For light people it beginns soft by much cotton, but becomes firm by the time.

In keeping with the ancient tradition of a robust natural mattress as our grandparents knew it, this futon provides comfort of extreme durability.

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BIOFUTON DW 6.1from 730,00 €

Consistent futon power in the luxury class.

Very stable at the beginning, then increasingly solid, perfect even for very heavy weights.

With pure organic cotton and fine new wool, of course. The perfect balance of adjustment and stabilization. A consistent futon enjoyment.

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The sensitive
of the DW 6.1

BIOFUTON DW 6.1 sensitiv from 795 €

Luxury futon feeling even for sensitive people.

Gentle and stable at the same time, with pure new wool, organic cotton and extra fine horse tail hair, pressure reducing and climatizing. Balanced with softer natural rubber.

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Since 1988 we produce finest natural latex futons - the most comfortable futons in the world.

In the current BIOFUTON collection we raise the bar with this experience and our claim to provide maximum comfort.

The first difference set by BIOFUTONs is the certified organic cotton, inside and out. While that is hardly noticeable as the fiber is only minimally refined, but nevertheless provides a good feeling because it makes an important environmental contribution to preserve our natural world. It is the same with our 100% natural rubber (latex) or the various natural fibers - all of them mindful used gifts of Mother Nature.

The second difference is the noticeable, unique, patented wool in Alpine land quality. 40% more fibers on the one, but mainly from differences in the fibers produced an incredibly bulky, powerful fleece, which increases the comfort of the futon and significantly improves the climate, hygiene and durability. And the lying sensation: strong and stable as you would expect from a futon, only the first moment is a little "like on a cloud" - unique.

FUTON advisory services and quality certificates.

Of course,all of our materials are from the best scource, pollution control(mostly by ECO Institute, according to the criteria of the Qul) and careful hand work - in Germany - joined to the fine futon.More information on our .materials.

In the product description you will find all details that will help you to determine the best futon for you. Look at the weights first, which indicate up to which body weight the futon offers best comfort. It doesn't matter if you are heavier, then your futon will only feel a little harder.

More information can be found under buying tips. And here you can read customer reviews.

  • All models are in Organic quality
  • in vegan orderable
  • in special dimensions available
  • Please refer to the information on the product pages.
Bio-Futon Collection

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