Tatami (High Quality)

Tatami / rice straw mat – the classic floor cover.
We offer the extra strong high quality 5.5 cm Version.
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Höhenangabe oder Futon-Typ bitte im Kommentarfeld auf der letzten Seite angeben.
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Tatami HighQuality - 5,5cm

The Tatami mat High Quality is of a highly compressed rice straw core, covered with a woven Igusagras-mat and edged with black ribbon.

This Tatami is more condensed than the standard Tatami, it is the common Japanese quality, which can be walked on.

Tips for dealing with Tatami Tips for dealing with Tatami.
Tatami are boardings to Old Japanese model of compressed rice straw and a surface of fine Igusa-grass.
Your Tatami will be delivered securely packed in cardboard. Through the long way in this package, without air, the smell will have gathered and the tatami requires a few days, preferably in a separate room at room temperature to air out.
Tatami are made of straw and therefore do not tolerate moisture well. Upon contact with water the strong smell of wet straw will occur. Clean your tatami dry if necessary.

  • Strength: 5,5 cm
  • Weight: ca. 15 kg/m²

Origin and background information on Tatami

* Our current tatami delivery is announced for the second half of June. Unfortunately there can still be delays due to delayed container ships. Your current tatami order will always be prioritized for delivery.

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