Tatami (HQ)

Tatami / rice straw mat - classic japanese floor covering and popular bedplace
We offer the extra strong HQ Quality 5.5cm in 12 sizes
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Tatami HQ-Quality - 5.5cm

The High Quality Tatami mat is of a highly compressed rice straw core, covered with a woven Igusagras-mat and edged with black ribbon.

The HQ-Tatami is more condensed than the standard Tatami, it is the common Japanese quality, which can be walked on.

Tatami Square

A square of four classic sized 90/180 tatamis surrounding a center square of size 90/90 or the big version of four tatamis sized 100/200, surrounding a 100/100 center square.
Tatami Square 270 - 4x   90/180 + 1x   90/90 = 270x270cm
Tatami Square 300 - 4x 100/200 + 1x 100/100 = 300x300cm
Pictured in photo gallery, further details on the Tatami info page.

Product details
  • Strength: 5.5cm
  • Weight: approx. 15kg/m²
  • One per carton
  • Tatami sizes on stock: 60/200, 70/200, 70/210, 80/200, 80/220, 90/200, 90/220, 90/180, 90/90, 100/200, 100/220 100/100

Delivery hints
Free delivery in Germany (expect islands) and central switzerland.
Minimum order: 2 pieces.
Delivery cost to other countries.

General Tatami information on Tatami-Infopage

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Tatami and Futon in combination - Youtube 1:14 min.

Ventilate the futon properly - Youtube 2:04 min.