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4% from 1.500 €*
6% from 2.000 €*
8% from 2.500 €*

*Not combinable with
Student, Lover,
Artist, Social discount


This FUTON is the basic model of the BIOFUTON collection and conceptually stems from the DX FUTON family.

Besides organic cotton (organic farming) it is the unique fleece woll, that surrounds the content which makes the significant, noticeable difference. Due to the special French free-range new wool "Plein Air" quality it receives this comfort best described by the attribute "cloudily" , a gentle, pleasant relief
for your skin.The earthy stable basic sense of futons is there by barely reduced..

The delicate appearance makes the beauty of this mat, but contains a certain limitation in its stress capacity, so due to the claim of high ergonomic comfort, we recommend this futon for lightweight side / back sleepers with up to about 75 kg / per person and in a width up to 140 cm.

The standard version with coconut is slightly firmer, the optional version with horsehair somewhat more elastic ... minimal difference. This futon is rollable.

Vegan, therefore with cotton instead of wool and coconut instead of horsehair, this futon is very firm and only on the floor / Tatami lying for abdominal / back rests suitable.

This futon is rollable.

A futon is perceived differently depending on body weight:

  • 40-70 kg: medium / optimal
  • 70-80 kg: increasingly firm
  • 80-90 kg: very firm

For heavier people the BIOFUTON DW 4.0 immediately connects with the same structure but more volume.

(**) Short info: Coconut fibre or horse hair? The noticeable difference between coconut fibre and horse hair is very, that you can make the decision according to personal taste. Horsehair is something animal and more supple, coconut is vegetable, odorless and more ecological, ... more details can be found in Glossary and at Materials / Commodities
The processing for futon fleece is identical, and the climate Properties in the futon.
Only at the FUTON DX 2, and the Zen Shiatsu futons it can be felt that the coconut fiber is minimal more fixed.

(***) Short info: Vegan Vegan describes a lifestyle that excludes the use of animal products.
More information about this topic can be found at Wikipedia.
We have always offered vegan futons (without animal fibers), so of course all our futons can be bought vegan as well. However, the functional quality of the futon is reduced as a result of not using (our clean alpine) wool. The futon requires more care and tends to be harder - an effect that is reinforced by the coconut fibers.
If you live vegan, simply select your favorite futon and order it vegan - the option for it will appear once you selected your desired dimensions and form. We will process cotton (on request also hemp, but this makes the futon harder) instead of wool and coconut instead of horsehair, and the price remains the same.

Content explicit

  • 4 cm natural latex (100% natural rubber, according to QuL), H5, 88 kg/sqm density.
  • 2 x 1000g/sqm coconut fibre, stable and climate active, if desired: coconut instead of horsehair (no extra charge)
  • 2 x 1000g/sqm certified organic cotton (organic farming) (kbA)
  • 2 x 550/sqm French free-range new wool "Plein Air"
  • The Cover - Cotton satin, 330/sqm, fine, smooth quality of controlled biological cultivation, point stapled, in typical futon look. All materials strictly tested for harmful substances, acc. to Qul.
  • The total height - is 11 - 13 cm, initially 13 - 15 cm
  • The weight - ca. 10 kg/sqm

Shape & sewing


Our futons are available in the standard shape or with a border and handles in the color natural. From a size of 160x200 cm, the turning-handles make handling much easier. The additional price is based on the complex sewing method with the stable locking of the handles in the additional side floor of the futon cover (simple handle loops would tear out quickly).

New: 8 handles for the heavy ones Biofuton DW 5.1, Biofuton DW 5.2 / sensitive, DW 6.1 & Biofuton DW 6.2 / sensitive, surcharge 40€. This Upgrade is not by clic bookable yet. Please set a note into the comment field, we correct your confirmation manually.

Futon mit Mittelnaht Futon with center seam original

Standard: (Center seam)

The classic futon shape / sewing method: A top and a bottom that meet halfway up the seam, the corners are sewn.

Futon with edge and reversible handles Futon with edge and reversible handles original

With border / turning-handles

The typical mattress shape with handles. Deviates somewhat from the typical futon look, but is practical.

The slip cover, organic / colored

With a washable protective cover in the original satin or in color ...

Our futons are basically natural, undyed, because we weave a strong cloth from fine organic cotton, in a noble satin weave, which meets all requirements and dyeing would affect the material. If you would like color on the futon (e.g. for use as a sofa), please do so with the additional protective cover, colored.

eco-Institut pollutant tested

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The Biofuton Collection - Youtube 4:32 min.

The Futon test - Youtube 5:28 min.

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Th Biofuton Collection - Youtube 4:32 min.

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