Slipcover Organic - colored

Slipcover made from pure organic cotton (GOTS / IVN best)
washable, 60°C - 10 colors available
incl. VAT
89,00 € i
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Futon + Lattenrost + Bett (ab 1500€) -5%

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Futon + Frame + Bed (from 1500€) -5%
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Special sizes i
Special sizes are possible in 5cm increments and has the cost of next higher size. Select the next higher size in length or width and write the exact measure in the comment field (on the payment page).
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Slipcover Organic - organic

This slipcover made of organic cotton from controlled organic cultivation (k.b.A. / GOTS) in half panama weave is washable up to 60°C.
The monitor does not show the colors exactly as they are and small deviations may occur from product to product. But all colors are rather warm in their feel and compatible with each other.
The colored slipcover primarily changes the visuals of the futon, covers up the buttons and creates a flat surface. This strong material also makes the futon a little firmer.

The slipcover has - like our futons - a zipper which stretches along the long side and half way to the two cross sides. The yearly removing and putting on becomes a bit easier as a result.
A slipcover is no replacement for a bedsheet.

If you want a special size, choose the next highest measure (for the proce) and send us your desired measurements in the comment field or per e-mail.


All futons are available with centre seam (standard), with frame or with frame and turning handles:

Futon with centre seam Futon with centre seam original

Standard: (center seam)

The typical Futon form / Sewing method: There is a top and a bottom that meet each other half way, the corners are stitched. If you choose the colored option, two colors are to be chosen.

Futon with frame Futon with frame original

With frame:

The typical mattress form: A top, a bottom and a frame, making the form of the futon more box-like. If you choose the colored option, three colors are to be chosen.

Futon with frame and turning handles Futon with frame and turning handles original

With frame and turning handles:

The typical mattress form with turning handles: Shies away a little from the typical futon look, but offers practicality. If you choose the colored option, three colors are to be chosen.