Quality Policy / Warranty

Our customers expect genuine products from us - this is our standard.
Our raw materials are tested for harmful substances under the strict guidelines of the QuL. This involves using modern analytical technique for the examination of about 240 relevant pollutants. The investigation of each material is usually held annually by the eco Environment Institute, Cologne.
Even through the good, long-lasting relationship with our suppliers and the appropriate knowledge of the origin and pathways of materials, we can be sure to be working with clean virgin material.

Also the ecologically correct handling of the materials, in terms of production and consumption of our products is given by two aspects.
First, of course suppliers share the same interest, to design the production in order to generate clean products that will hold an examination, on the other, the - sometimes shipped
halfway around the world - materials in quality futons / mattresses are used over a long period and are substantially compostable in the end, so that an ecologically reasonable result arises from this constellation.

In addition, of course, all materials are made from renewable resources. The two aspects of the ecological and biological approach are difficult to differentiate, as it is basically the same. Ultimately we do what makes sense and can be realized in terms of cost - to create well priced products.

Our resources originate almost completely from organic cultivation

  • We offer cotton from certified organic cultivation / organic cotton, because the conventional cotton production - in monocultures - is an ecological disaster.
  • We use fleece wool (alpine quality) from Lower Austria, by shepherds who move their flocks from meadow to meadow like in the old days. Our natural latex is 100% genuine, made from ordinary plantations in Indonesia.
  • Horsehair is of conventional origin from Europe and Mongolia, because it's not available anywhere else. the coconut fibers .
  • Coconut fiber comes from India and Sri Lanka and is harmless in every way by nature..
  • Our fabrics are woven in the Münsterland by a prestigious and highly advanced weaving mill according to the highest environmental, all in organic quality (GOTS).


We're not content with every cycle of production, but we are working to do justice to our own specifications - for a small business, this is a big task and therefore needs time, patience and consistency ... which we have.

In all cases: we guarantee genuine, unencumbered goods, which will give you pleasure.

As for the processing, in fact, every futon - piece by piece – is made individually, the raw materials are prepare, cut and stacked, the fabrics are cut and sewed accurately to the centimeter, each stitch point individually fixed, pushed through (which is done by machine to preserve the textile) and wrapped, upon on request twice. If individual customers have special requirements, such as the omission of wool or doubling the horsehair, the degree of the cover is adjusted accordingly. If someone would like his own material or another folder pattern, this can also be done.

Our quality standards

Through the careful use of our fine products, the highest standard of reliable craftsmanship quality is guaranteed. Only one exchange concerning quality defects per year is our average, which speaks for itself. However we operate sparingly with the announcement of marketing effective catching warranty promises, because we do not want to be compared to the partial dubious guarantee statements of big industries. Our maxim is: if a customer has a complaint about our quality, whether it relates to raw material or workmanship, we find a good, customer-friendly solution. On the basis of our quality standards, we promise you a 10 year warranty on the function of your futon. Please always trust in us is issues occur.

P.S.: Based on the experience of more than 200,000 futons sold we know that at an average, our customers use their DX futon for >14 years with the record being at 25 years.

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