Futons are originally Japanese. There, simple, classic mattresses consist of several layers of carded cotton which are traditionally worked into a cover. Variations of higher quality also contain other, more stable fibres like horsehair. But these classic futons have been pushed aside more and more by European mattresses since the 1990s. In the 1980s, the futons came to Europe and were adapted to the local sleeping habits. Our futons have since then been upgraded with wool, horsehair, coir and natural latex / natural rubber, which gives the futon a much higher flexibility and adaptability and also increases their lifetime significantly. Our futons do not need to be rolled or shaken, but lie like any other mattress or natural mattress normally on the bed frame.

Futons have a nearly perfect diffusion ability, which significantly improves the sleeping environment. Futons are always dry and adapt quickly to the body temperature. On futons you lie quieter and firmer than on most conventional mattresses. Therefore, futons are particularly suitable as bigger sized mattresses for couples, because the sleepers do not interfere with each other. We only manufacture futons of the highest quality that are rightly called luxury futons, which is also the reason why our DX futons have created a wide range of regular customers over the years. The new bioFUTONs take up this proven quality tradition and expand it to ecologically sensible cotton from controlled biological cultivation. Our futons have an average lifespan of well over 10 years.

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