Double Futon

The term Double Futon refers to two futon mattresses which - put on top of each other - offer an extra comfortable sleeping place. Although the individual futons are delicate on their own, two of them combined result in a respectable mattress height. Height and volume are particularly necessary when sleeping on the side so that the contours of the body have enough space. The Double Futon or TWIN Futon is made out of our shiatsu futon series. This variant has several advantages: easier handling when airing and turning, varying levels of firmness, futon for traveling, double the size for when guests come over.
The double futon can either be put on the floor, on a tatami (Japanese rice-straw mat) or on a futon bed (i.e. on a slatted frame). If you decide for the traditional variant of putting the double futon on the floor or on a tatami, you should allow it to get some fresh air occasionally for hygienic reasons. As for futon beds, you should make sure that the slatted frame has as little space between the bars as possible.

The futons of this series are Yasumi as well as Zen futons. Yasumi futons are latex futons filled with natural latex which is encapsulated in a double layer of Merino wool. Zen futons are only filled with natural fibers: wool, cotton, coconut, horsehair. You can also configure your futon to only contain cotton / organic cotton, for particularly sensible people.

However, futons with a pure cotton filling require a lot of attention and care, because the tender cotton fibers are compressed by exposure to moisture and pressure, causing the futon to become hard. Frequent movement and an occasional sunbath prevent this from happening. The mixed fillings are more solid.

Ultimately, TWIN or Double Futons are full-fledged mattresses and can be put just fine in any bed / bed frame, assuming the bed frame isn't too high. They are, of course, available in all dimensions from 70cm or 90cm up to 200cm width and 220cm length; in exceptional cases even in bigger sizes on request.

Naturally, there are fitting protective covers available for all Shiatsi / TWIN futons, in nature as well as in various colors. All fabrics are in organic cotton quality. The free shipping in Germany is just as with our other mattresses and futons a given. Delivery to Switzerland is free of charge for Central Switzerland, for the areas that are farther away we charge a small fee - in both cases a customs fee is added.
The Double Futon allows for an easy and trouble-free way to set up a comfortable bed with purely natural filling.

Futonwerk offers double futon of the highest quality made of all-natural materials with the so-called TWIN Futon Collection, which is optionally also available in organic quality.

TWIN Futon is our double futon brand and can be configured by choosing suitable futons right through our shop.
On our TWIN futon page you will find more information and tips on how to combine your Double Futon.
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