A futon bed is usually a rather flat solid wood bed, that comforms the idea of „futon sleeping“ in its design and in terms of stability. There is no historic precedent for a futon bed because it is a mostly European, predominantly German development. A futon should mainly be stable because a futon makes a peaceful, earthy sensation of lying and that should not be thwarted by a wobbly futon bed. A futon bed needs no high sides, as futons are usually 12 to 15 cm high and mostly lie on a rigid grate roller which applies only 1-2 cm.

As a futon bed usually has slatted ledges that are about 3 cm thick, the best height for a futon bed frame is 12-15 cm. The total height of the futon bed does not matter, as long as the stability is preserved and is therefore a matter of taste. A futon, however, should be made out of sturdy wood such as beech, oak or walnut. Often also birch, alder or ash are used, but always solid wood, because of the stability. But also to keep the good sleeping environment that‘s generated by the futon. A good solid futon bed usually comes from German production and is marked accordingly

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