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Futon Matratzen auf Tatami Matte The noblest and most comfortable futons in the world.
Based on long experience designed with new knowledge from ecological materials and with unique comfort - maybe a little too good to be described in words.
The extra class.
Since 25 years the the measure of Futon pleasure. Selected materials in perfect composition guarantee first-class quality - proven over 100,000 times.
A small selection of cheap futons, but they have all the typical Futonwerk material and manufacturing quality. Light futon mats for Shiatsu, for relax,meditate or TWIN Futon for sleeping. These futons are delicate, beautiful, in high, naturally pure quality from the finest materials and manufactured in skilled manual work - mats, make the joy. Here you will find a small selection of futons, which offers the same natural comfort for the litte ones as for the big ones. Here you will find a small selection of futons, which offers the same natural comfort for the litte ones.
Massivholz Bett - Futonbett In our futon sofa collection there is for everybody the right sofa no matter if it is used for sleeping, sitting or both. Especially the sofa ONE has all the attributes to be a good sofa frame. On anything a futon must lie and ne it the floor - it's best as uniformly as possible, so that the sun feeling is the same everywhere. We recommend rolling grilles (nature), Tatami and of course the great ergoVlex L.
Textile Produkte - Bettdecken Kissen Bezüge Bettwäsche Our futon slipcovers are machine washable, made of the same fabric as your futon cover ad are either simple and functional or designed individually with colors. Fluffy soft fitted sheet, satin / precious beaver in organic quality, 100% cotton (organic, IVN BEST) Skin friendly climatizing, comfortable blankets are also a basis for natural sleeping pleasure. Here we have for you an attractive and clear selection, of course, from German manufactory work This is a small but beautiful selection of organic beddings. They feeling isn't only good but they are also certified IVN Best. Our pillow collection includes a small number of pillows made from the finest materials which are suitable for all types of sleep.
Sonstige Artikel - Vasen Here are useful accessories for our products: eg Molton and mattress covers, seat covers, etc. Here you will find a small selection of products that doesn't fit to any of our main products, but they are made with the same quality or are just as interesting. ... reduced price individual pieces.
These are mostly accidentally double produced futons, exhibits, returns...