Shiatsu Futon

From the massage over to the pleasure of sleep.
For the typical shiatsu massage, a flat, stable, padded mat is needed - like classic Japanese futons. We offer two different types: Zen futon and Yasumi futon, each available in different variations. Yasumi with its extra firm natural latex core (in 100% natural quality) are the most popular and durable Shiatsu futons: Yasumi 3 for the shiatsu massage, Yasumi 3+2 and Yasumi 3+4 for combining to a TWIN futon or similar.

Zen futons only consist of fibers, with Merino wool being most suitable. For the shiatsu massage, Zen 4, Zen 6 and Zen R2+3 are recommendable.

Due to the easy handling of the shiatsu futon they can be used for more than just shiatsu massages, for instance for traveling, for children or for guests. Real sleeping pleasure is created when two of our shiatsu mats are put on top of each other, thereby forming a TWIN Futon. Easy handling and perfect sleeping comfort! Two light shiatsu mats of our impressive material quality on top of each other result in the comfort of a full futon - merely a tad softer and smoother.

And with just a single move you can have double the lying area if necessary. Just as shiatsu futons can be used for traveling, they also optimize any bed when used as a topper.

The shiatsu massage requires a flat, stable padded mat with little volume - like classic Japanese futons. The shiatsu collection consists of two different base types of mats. On the one hand our Zen futons, filled only with natural fibers, on the other hand our Yasumi futons with a natural latex core enveloped by a coat of wool. While Zen mats are rather firm and calm, Yasumi provide a durable elasticity.

For the shiatsu massage especially the models Zen 4 (simple, very firm), Zen R2+3 (firm, well suited), Zen R2+6 (rather comfortable) sowie Yasumi 3 (comfortable, well suited) und Yasumi 3+2 (very comfortable) are well suited.

All of the products of our shiatsu collection can be found in our shiatsu section.