Thanks to the solid, cleverly concealed foot construction you will
float into the land of dreams.

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mercur2 Futon

Floating Bed Mercur II

With the wings of Mercur

The Floating Bed Mercur II a real eye-catcher for your
bedroom with its floating optics.

from 815,- €
To Floating Bed Mercur II
Floating Bed Fly

Floating Bed Fly

Floating in the realm of dreams

A simple and timeless design with soft, rounded corners
and first-class workmanship.

from 1.260,- €
To Floating Bed
Floating Bed Gamma

Floating Bed Gamma

Floating like on cloud nine

The feet of this bed are only visible at a short distance because
they (like those of Bed Exil) are inwardly offset.

from 495,- €
To Floating Bed Gamma
Floating Bed Exil

Floating Bed Exil

Tradition with design - a talent of combination

Exile is an equally simple, timeless
and strong model.

from 950,- €
To Floating Bed Exil
Bed ANNA Wood

Bed ANNA Wood

ANNA is also available with wooden headboard.

The bed frame on a suspension base is complemented
by a solid wooden headboard

from 1.580,- €
To Bed ANNA Wood
Bed ANNA Padded Headboard

Bed ANNA Padded Headboard

ANNA sets exclusive accents in terms of solid wooden beds

This bed comes from a good family and is proud of its ties to MAMMA Air.

from 1.580,- €
To Bed ANNA Padded Headboard

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Info & Service

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Futon Information

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Product Overview

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Additional Information

A floating bed made of solid wood - a bed which combines steadiness with stylish simplicity
A current trend in terms of designing homes is using minimalistic furnishing that uses natural materials of high quality and straightforward decoration elements. A bed in floating optics fits in perfectly with that type of furnishing style, adding another touch to a natural room concept. Despite - or perhaps because - of the usage of long-lasting solid wood, floating beds from Futonwerk create a feel of elegant simplicity. The special characteristic of floating beds originates in their special design. The feet of the beds are intentionally put as far inward underneath the frame construction as possible, creating a look as if the bed is floating above the floor at a short distance. A floating bed made of wild oak or beech heartwood adds a warm, natural ambience for your bedroom and turns it into a comfy retreat of peacefulness and relaxation.

Light wild oak, oiled beech, stone pine or ash - solid wood, flexible in form and color
Whether it's the Mercur II Floating Bed with traditional, metal free solid wood plug system frame, Floating Bed Anna - with wooden or padded headboard - or the Floating Bed Gamma, everyone can find their own personal favorite quickly. The details of floating beds are well thought out: the frame construction of a floating bed has to provide a good stability and especially possess a good transverse stiffener, because the load pressure is higher on the frame due to the difference in leverage effect. Floating Bed Gamma, for example, is pushing the limits with a frame thickness of 22 mm and is therefore only recommended up to a maximum width of 160 cm. Floating Bed Exil, on the other hand, provides the best possible stability with a wood thickness of 40 mm. Meanwhile, model Anna puts the "floating" bed frame up against a solid backboard, resulting in the necessary stability. In other words: aside of the thickness of the solid wood, an intelligent, well thought-out construction matters just as much.

A floating bed made of wood - modern furniture in floating optics.
Aside of the timeless design, there are more advantages a floating bed adds to the bedroom. Especially for allergy sufferers it is particularly practical that due to the design you are able to clean the floor beneath the bed. Materials from nature - like wood, organic cotton or natural latex - create a healthy room climate and offer a restful sleep. In addition, floating beds made of high-quality solid wood are very long-lasting.

Futonwerk floating beds - best quality at a fair price and personal consultation
"A Futonwerk floating bed is meant to accompany you through life" - Futonwerk's manufacture is guided by the highest expectations of standards in terms of quality of the products and fair prices. Compared to "cheap furniture" which oftentimes uses inferior materials, furniture made of solid wood are considerably more durable and affect the room climate positively. The usage of environmentally friendly, natural care oils is considered obvious to us and results in the unique grain of each and every floating bed. There are currently five different floating beds made of solid wood available to customers. What makes these beds special is the freely selectable variety of dimensions and wood types, allowing you to put together your beds according to your own wishes. In that regard, prsonal contact and competent consultation are at the top of our list. If you have questions regarding the solid wood beds or to other products, such as futon mattress, pillows, slatted frames for different mattresses or miscellaneous accessories, our consultants are there for you. Free shipping is part of our service just like our customer friendly discount system. The shopping card shows the final price incl. VAT after reduction of potential discounts. Delivery within Germany takes around 2 - 3 weeks.