Questions & Answers

Do futons have to be rolled?

Futons without latex should be moved regularly to loosen the fibers (like shaking a pillow).
Futons with a cotton filling additionally need a sunbath (UV radiation) occasionally.
Futons with a latex core, beginning at approximately 12cm strength are mostly maintenance-free.


We guarantee the highest life of care in the choice of materials and in the processing. In case something breaks, feel certain that we will be there for you.
More information regarding this topic can be found on the information page Garantee

Futon price overview?

An overview of the all the DX and Bio futon basic prices can be found on our price sheet

How do the DX and Bio futon differ?

The DX collection originates in 1988, Bio futon in 2006. The setup of the products is partly different. The cotton fibers inside are always organic in the Bio futon, in the DX futon only by request. The fabric, our noble satin is always organic cotton. Altogether, the Bio futon is a little more comfortable.

About the differences between futons and mattresses.

The setup and material selection for our futons are more intelligent and valuable. More information can be found at Futon Information

Which material do we process?

Detailed information about our materials: Resources

For allergy sufferer (house dust) we do have a good tip.

People suffering from animal hair allergies do not need to worry, the horsehair underwent a heat treatment. Otherwise, the alternative would be the coconut fiber. People suffering from house dust allergies are advised to read the article about milbopax, a natural remedy that kills dust mites.

Shipment/delivery service

We mainly deliver with our own vehicle and drivers - fast, punctual and free.
By request also with extra services.

Can a futon be returned?

It happens quite rarely that a customer is not coping with the futon. If so, we talk about what the exact problem is and solve it. If that is not possible, we will take back the futon for a fee. (see terms & conditions: 8. Return)

The pros and cons of a cotton futon

Cotton is skin-friendly, cozy, odorless, and antistatic, a wonderful material, but unfortunately essentially too weak and sensitive to humidity to use it in a futon/mattress. In conclusion, it is very care-dependent or becomes very hard. Therefore we only use less cotton in our futons, enough that it is not electrostatic and a little cozier.
What argues against the cheap cotton futons, that can be found online, is that they only contain 50% cotton at best, the rest is poly scrap.

Vegan futons

Who does not live100% vegan, should not waive wool. It is mainly responsible for the bed climate as well as for the hygiene in the futon. Our alpine country wool is coming from a fair origin.

Is it better to sleep firmly or soft?

There is no general answer to that question. Quality and comfort are attributes that count and come first for us. More thoughts on that can be found on our information page purchase tips

Ecology and sustainability...

Are important topics for us, that is why we do what we do and how we do it. Valuable production with ecologic materials is certainly sustainable as well. More information at purchase tips.

What does the glossary/index show?

The glossary explains technical terms of our industry ...Glossary

Coconut or horse hair?

Choose depending on your feeling. Horsehair is a little smoother, coconut is more stable and more climate active. On each product page, you can find a short information text.

Can I place my futon on the floor?

Yes, please, gladly. Only airing it a little more often, for example, turn over one side, during the day.

What does 100% natural mean?

All our materials are 100% naturally pure. Unfortunately, that is not common, but always the case with us. Furthermore, our materials are all strictly pollutant proved.

What is the durability of a futon from Futonwerk?

That is generally really individual. Depending on sleeping habits, the weight, the room humidity, the fitness,... between 10 and 25 years.

Color/colorful futons ...

Colored fabrics do not have the same quality as our organic cotton-satin. That is why

When do I get a discount?

We have some small discounts, for example, for patrons or students, which you can find at Discount

Where do we get our know-how from?

For 30 years we have been producing quality futons, buying the right materials, and think about how to create lying comfort. By doing so we gained the extensive know-how in this industry.

Feedback/What do our costumers say?

Here you can find our customer opinions. Yes, they are exceedingly, just like our futons.

Which futon for me?

With the help of our comprehensive information on the product pages and at the information desk you will find your futon. If you are unsure, please feel free to use the online consultation form.