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This bed impresses with its consistent straight lines without compromises. The one-piece headboard is slightly tilted backwards. Configure your desired size.
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from 1.449,00 € i If you pay by bank transfer, you will receive a 3% discount and can benefit from further discounts.
+ Volume/complete bed and sleeping sofa discount additionally 3% each. (Only for payment by bank transfer)
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4% Bed complete discount!* i * When you buy a bed frame with slatted frame and futon, you get 4% bed complete discount. Also valid for beds that do not require slatted frames.
From an order value of 1.500,- €.

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bis 31.12.2022

5% ab 1500 €
7% ab 2000 €
10% ab 2500 €

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bis 31.12.2022


  • Frame height: 39 cm
  • Height: 82 cm
  • Insertion depth: 15 cm
  • Material: Beech | Core Beech | Ash | Oak | Maple | Cherry | Walnut
  • Features: Custom manufacture | Headboard slightly tilted to the back
  • Slatted frame support: support rails for roll-up and slatted frames

Bed Taurus

Solid craftsmanship in a clear form, including the backrest. Especially beautiful and inexpensive also in oak wood. The one-piece headboard is slightly tilted backwards. Available in 7 types of wood. Robust surface oiled with pure vegetable oil. All parts solid. Stable screw connection and very easy assembly.

Bed Corner Detail

  • Bed height: 39 cm
  • Outer measurements:
    selected width and length + 22 cm
  • Overall height: 82 cm
  • Headboard height: 43 cm
  • Slatted frame support: Support rails for roll-up and slatted frames

Four percent discount off your complete bed.

What could be better than a completely natural sleeping environment? If you decide upon one of our natural wood beds, additionally chose a futon and a suitable slatted frame, you receive an additional 4% complete bed discount, starting from an order value of 1,500€.

For beds that already include a slatted frame or a stable contact surface, the complete bed discount comes to effect when you chose a mattress cover or a coconut base mattress instead of s slatted frame to stabilize the contact surface. Here, again an order value of 1,500€ is valid.

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