Organic cotton satin, natural

Fine, heavy fabrics for curtains, pillows, clothing, ... 260g / sqm or 300g / sqm
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Organic cotton satin, 260g / sqm, 224cm wide, washable.

Fine heavy fabrics for curtains, pillows, clothing, ... Our fine cloth for futon covers and TWIN futons. Extra soft and supple thanks to Sanfor (mechanical process that makes fabrics washable), falls very well, therefore particularly beautiful for curtains. However, in this natural cloth you will find small brown dots, capsule remains of the cotton bud, which only become invisible through intensive bleaching or dyeing.

Organic cotton satin, 300g / sqm, 224cm wide.

Our standard futon cloth, strong, heavy grip, soft, light fall ... for 30 years processed as a curtain in hundreds of linear meters, in Walldorf schools such as in living rooms or bedrooms as well as in countless pillowcases. Except for a quarter bleach, the cloth is left natural, it is not washable or shrinks by approx. 5% ... hand or wool washing at 30 ° C is usually okay (1-2% jump).
Both fabrics are of a fine, heavy quality and good for curtains, pillows, clothing, ...

Note: Cut-to-size fabrics are individualized productions, therefore changed cancellation conditions apply
(according to §§ 312e, 312d BGB in conjunction with Art. 246a EGBGB).


  • Organic cotton satin (GOTS)
  • Width: 224 cm
  • 260g / qm: Washable up to 60 ° C (recommended 30/40 ° C)
  • 300g / qm: not washable or wool wash at 30 ° C
  • The quantity in the menu corresponds to the running meter