BIOFUTON DW 5.2 /sensitive

Softly-comfortable futon for particularly sensitive people
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We replace the conventional cotton with organic cotton from controlled organic cultivation (kbA). The surcharge for this is calculated based on the selected futon width.
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BIOFUTON DW 5.2 /sensitive - soft comfort

A double latex core of 2 x 5cm highly resilient natural rubber creates the basic comfort. Our special French free-range virgin wool, fine organic cotton and strong horsehair fibres in the core, ensure a cosy and hygienic bed climate and the noble, firm cover made of extra strong cotton satin (GOTS) rounds off the experience both visually and haptically.

Elegant natural mattress with fine comfort for sensitive people.

Biofuton DW 5.2 is for those who are used to sleeping on softer normal mattresses and are now switching to the stable, comfortable and climate-active futon feeling - especially for side sleepers. For the sensitive models in our collection, we use a 12 % softer latex. This small difference makes a big difference for sensitive side sleepers ... noticeably softer in contact and in body adaptation. In order for this effect to unfold, this model needs the horsehair centre; coconut fibres are a little too firm. Everything else remains the same: this means stable and climatic futon feeling with extra soft comfort.
Vegan: This futon mattress is conceptually tied to this material choice. In the vegan version, cotton replaces virgin wool and coconut fibre replaces horsehair, creating a fundamentally different lying sensation. We therefore advise vegans to choose the Biofuton DW 5.1 or the Biofuton DW 2.2 /sensitive, which is firmer but consistent.

For those who prefer the typical firmness of a futon, which is nevertheless very comfortable in this quality class, choose the basic model Biofuton DW 5.1, which is identical in construction.

This luxurious futon is suitable for people from 50-100 kg. A futon is felt differently depending on body weight:

  • 50-70 kg: gentle
  • .
  • 70-90 kg: soft-firm (optimal)
  • 90-120 kg: increasingly firm

Couples recommendation: This futon is suitable for most couples, even with a larger weight difference.

  • (**) Kurzinfo: Kokos oder Rosshaar Der spürbare Unterschied zwischen Kokosfaser und Rosshaar ist gering, so dass Sie die Entscheidung nach persönlicher Vorliebe treffen können. Rosshaar, die tierische Faser ist etwas geschmeidiger / elastischer. Kokos, die pflanzliche Faser ist grober in ihrer Struktur, was das Liegen härter gestaltet (z.B. für Bauchschläfer), dafür geruchsneutral und etwas ökologischer.
    Futon-Unerfahrenen empfehlen wir im Zweifel das Rosshaar, damit Futon nicht zu fest wird.
    Weitere Details finden Sie im Glossar und unter Materialien/Rohstoffe
    Die Verarbeitung zum Futon-Vlies ist identisch, sowie die Klima-Eigenschaften im Futon. Bei leichten Futons wie DX2 / DW 2.0, sowie den Zen-Futons wird es spürbar, dass die Kokosfaser fester ist.

  • (***) Kurzinfo: Vegan Veganismus ist die Lebensweise, die Nutzung tierischer Produkte in jeder Form ausschließt.
    Mehr zu diesem Thema gibt es auf Wikipedia.
    Vegane Futons (ohne tierische Fasern) machen wir schon immer und natürlich könnt Ihr jedes Futon in vegan bekommen.
    Allerdings ist die funktionale Qualität des Futons durch den Verzicht auf Schurwolle etwas eingeschränkt, das Futon braucht mehr Pflege und neigt zur Härte, was auch durch die Kokosfasern begünstigt wird.
    Wer aber vegan lebt, bestellt sein Lieblingsfuton einfach mit der Option 'vegan' - diese Bestell-Option öffnet sich nach Eingabe der Grundauswahl. Wir verarbeiten dann Baumwolle (auf Wunsch auch Hanf, macht aber das Futon hart) statt Schurwolle und Kokos statt Rosshaar; der Preis bleibt gleich.

Hier ist eine Futon-Preisübersicht.

Content explicit

  • 2 x 5 cm soft natural latex (100 % natural rubber, H3, 75 kg/m³ density), builds the base
  • 2 x 1000 g/m² horsehair (on request horse-tail hair, for 10 % surcharge), regulates the climate
  • 2 x 1000 g/m² organic cotton (certified, GOTS), is cuddly, climatically active and has anti-static properties
  • 2 x > 500 g/m² french free-range fleece wool "Plein-Air", builds the hygiene filter and regulates moisture
  • The cover: cotton satin from controlled organic cultivation (GOTS), 330 g/m², point stapled
  • All materials are strictly tested for purity, by ECO Institut, Cologne
  • The overall height: approx. 17-19 cm (initially more)
  • The weight: approx. 14 kg/m²

Shape variants

All futons are available in different forms:
Without handles (small, light models like the most TWIN futons),
with turning flaps (the most futon mattresses),
with edge / turning handles (the heavier models).

At 140x200 cm handles are useful for handling, absolutely recommended for the heavy qualities.
At 160x200 cm they're almost necessary to move the futon mattress for turning and airing out.
The models Biofuton DW 6.1 / DW 6.2 are fundamentaly fabricated in the variant edge / turning handles.
Some other models are also available in the variant ‚with edge and turning handles‛ (may be displayed).

Center seam futon Center seam futon

Without handles

Small / light futons don't need handles. Handles are more of an eyesore for a sofa.

Center seam / reversible tabs Center seam / reversible tabs

With turning flaps

Four flaps recommended from 140/200 for better grip when turning.
Surcharge: 50 €

Futon with edge and reversible handles Futon with edge and reversible handles

Edge / Turning handles

We sew in an edge between the top and bottom and affix two handles for turning on the long sides, extra stable and visually discreet.
Surcharge: 120 €

The slip cover, organic / colored

With a washable protective cover in the original satin or in color ...

Our futons are basically natural, undyed, because we weave a strong cloth from fine organic cotton, in a noble satin weave, which meets all requirements and dyeing would affect the material. If you would like color on the futon (e.g. for use as a sofa), please do so with the additional protective cover, colored.

Info in video

Biofuton DW 5.2 / sensitive - Youtube 4:22 min.

The Biofuton Collection - Youtube 4:32 min.

The Futon Test - Youtube 5:28 min.

Info short and compact

Biofuton DW 5.2 / sensitive - Youtube 4:22 min.