BIOFUTON DW 5.1 - anniversary offer

Luxury futon mattress.
Top comfort with high firmness.
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We replace the conventional cotton with organic cotton from controlled organic cultivation (kbA). The surcharge for this is calculated based on the selected futon width.
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BIOFUTON DW 5.1 – comfort in perfection

For all those who indulge in relishing sleeping experience and that value the stay in bed.

This 'high-end' futon provides especially side sleepers an incredible sleep comfort, with an enormous body adaptation and without losing the futon typical feeling. It is stable and calm and earthy firm but complies in each position just right to make you feel carried gently.
Because the DW 5.1 has the same beneficial effect from 50kg up to over 100kg, it is especially liked by couples. This is mainly due to the double latex core, 2x 5cm, made of pure highly elastic natural rubber.
Our special french free-range virgin wool, the fine organic cotton and the horsehair in the core caters for a pleasant and hygienic bed climate and the noble, solid cover made of extra heavy cotton sateen (certified organic) visual and haptically complete the experience.

Particularly sensitive side sleepers we recommend the /sensitive version with approx. 12% softer natural latex. It's just a small but noticeable detail ... Biofuton DW 5.2 /sensitive.

This luxury futon leaves little to be desired and is suitable for people from 50-120kg.
A futon is perceived differently depending on body weight:

  • 50 - 70kg: soft
  • 70 - 100kg: medium firmness (optimal)
  • 100 - 120kg: very firm

Advice for couples: perfect for most couples.

(*) Information about "strength The classic design of this futon is the design, which has already generated considerable joy for the past few years. High strength, as expected from a futon, with optimal comfort and extreme durability.

The soft version only makes a small difference: we are using natural latex with 10% lower density (78kg/cbm). For 2x5cm that makes a noticeably softer comfort of lying (and incidentally shows that elasticity and strength do not depend on each other). For light, sensitive and especially shoulder sensitive people or those who used to sleep on cold foam / pocket sprung forth mattrases, an attractive shade.
(**) A brief explanation: ""
(***) Information on the topic"vegan Vegan describes a lifestyle that excludes the use of animal products.
More information about this topic can be found at Wikipedia.
Vegane Futons, without animal fibers like we always do.
Select your favorite futon and you order it 'vegan', then we will process cotton (also hemp, but makes the futon hard) instead of wool and coconut instead of horsehair, and the price remains the same.
On our great wool (in clean alpine land quality), you should only dispense if you really life vegan.


  • 2x 5cm natural latex (100% natural rubber), H5, 86 kg/cbm density
  • 2x 1000g/sqm horsehair
  • 2x 1000g/sqm certified organic cotton (GOTS)
  • 2x   550g/sqm French free-range virgin wool
  • The Cover: Cotton satin, 330g/sqm, from organic cotton (GOTS), fine, extra strong quality, point stapled
  • Height: 17 - 18cm, initially more
  • Weight: approx. 14kg/sqm
  • All materials are strictly tested for purity by ECO Insitute, Cologne.
  • Also available with coconut fibre in place of horse hair; makes the futon much firmer! (Please specify in the comments field at checkout)

Shape variants

All futons are available in different forms:
Without handles (small, light models like the most TWIN futons),
with turning flaps (the most futon mattresses),
with edge / turning handles (the heavier models).

At 140x200 cm handles are useful for handling, absolutely recommended for the heavy qualities.
At 160x200 cm they're almost necessary to move the futon mattress for turning and airing out.
The models Biofuton DW 6.1 / DW 6.2 are fundamentaly fabricated in the variant edge / turning handles.
Some other models are also available in the variant ‚with edge and turning handles‛ (may be displayed).

Center seam futon Center seam futon

Without handles

Small / light futons don't need handles. Handles are more of an eyesore for a sofa.

Center seam / reversible tabs Center seam / reversible tabs

With turning flaps

Four flaps recommended from 140/200 for better grip when turning.
Surcharge: 50 €

Futon with edge and reversible handles Futon with edge and reversible handles

Edge / Turning handles

We sew in an edge between the top and bottom and affix two handles for turning on the long sides, extra stable and visually discreet.
Surcharge: 120 €

The slip cover, organic / colored

With a washable protective cover in the original satin or in color ...

Our futons are basically natural, undyed, because we weave a strong cloth from fine organic cotton, in a noble satin weave, which meets all requirements and dyeing would affect the material. If you would like color on the futon (e.g. for use as a sofa), please do so with the additional protective cover, colored.

eco-Institut pollutant tested

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Biofuton DW 5.1 - Youtube 4:22 min.

The Biofuton Collection - Youtube 4:32 min.

The futon test - Youtube 5:28 min.

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Biofuton DW 5.1 - Youtube 4:22 min.

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