Cutting board Gusto

Cut from the whole trunk of the beech tree Available in 2 sizes.
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Cutting board Gusto - cut, arrange or serve.

The Gusto cutting board is an all-rounder and a real eye-catcher in the kitchen as well as on the dining table. In contrast to ordinary cutting boards, it is cut from the full wood of the beech trunk and is not glued. This emphasizes the natural grain of the wood and gives each cutting board its own individual design. Due to its massive nature, it is also suitable as a support surface in bed, for the laptop, a small fruit or snack bowl, etc. The surface is bio-oiled.

Because it is part of the tree trunk, the width of the cutting board will vary. The side edges are slightly bevelled, which corresponds to the natural growth of the tree.

  • Length: 50cm - (width varies between 20cm and 35cm)
  • Length: 40cm - (width varies between 15cm and 25cm)
  • Thickness: 3cm (at 50cm length)
  • Thickness: 2cm (at 40cm length)
  • Type of wood: solid beech

Care instructions

Wood is a natural material that changes its character over time. Depending on the fluctuating humidity and temperature, the wood also changes its shape. As a result, it swells or shrinks and a certain degree of unevenness and small cracks can occur, for which we cannot accept any liability. Branches are all natural and are not considered a bug.

Before using for the first time, oil all around with olive oil on both sides and edges, please apply very thinly and do not leave any oil on the surface. Wipe with a dry cloth and only use after 24 hours.

Wooden chopping boards and kitchen ware are natural products and generally do not require any special care.

Care tips

However, it is advisable to treat the kitchen boards and other wooden kitchen utensils as follows:

1. After use, they should be wiped with a damp cloth and all food residues removed thoroughly. The fat sitting between the pores can be removed with hot water and washing-up liquid as well as vigorous brushing.

2. The wet wooden boards should dry upright. This is important so that the air can circulate freely around the board. This means that no tension can arise in the wood during drying.

3. Under no circumstances should cutting boards be cleaned in the dishwasher! The high temperatures during the washing process would damage the wood.

4. When dry, you can lightly oil the cutting boards from time to time with clean cooking oil as described above for maintenance.