FUTON LR7 (140x200)

A simple, solid futon.
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We are often asked what the difference was between our high quality futons and the sometimes very cheap ones you can get elsewhere on the Internet. Well, usually it's the completely different level of quality in terms of materials, processing, purity and ultimately also durability. And most of the time, the difference in quality is indeed much greater than the difference in price.
To illustrate how cost-efficient we are, we have designed a small collection of inexpensive futons, which for our standards are quite basic, but offer our usual high quality in terms of materials and production. This special range (currently only available in 140x200cm) is not for everyone, as they are designed more for lighter or younger people and a shorter lifetime than our standard products, or as sofa or guest futons. All products are of course nonetheless made by Futonwerk in Germany.

Here for example: FUTON LR7
A basic, firm futon made to our usual high standards, for very firm sleeping. Plenty of cotton, reinforced with two layers of powerful coconut fibers, make for a solid futon for people of light or average weight.
For example for students who need it for about five or six years, or for guests or occasional naps.
It is very stable and delivers the classic futon comfort and solid sleeping.
This futon is well suited for various uses. It is the best put on the floor or tatami, but can also be put on slatted frames in beds. It must be turned regularly, rolled up occasionally and, if possible, put out in summer for a sunbath.
Recommended for people up to about 75kg, well suited for stomach sleepers up to about 85kg.
We currently produce the futon LR7 only in standard size: 140x200cm.
Feel: solid - very solid, depending on how it is cared for.

Explicit content

  • Fibres: 7000g / qm cotton, 2000 g / qm coconutfibres
  • Cover: Cotton-body, nature, navy-blueorblack
  • Height: ca. 14 cm (10 cm)
  • Weight: ca. 10 kg / qm


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