Futon XL9 (140x200)

  • Soft comfort of lying for side sleepers.
  • soft to medium, depending on how well it is cared for
  • perfect for people up to about 70 kg p.P.
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A basic futon in our usual high quality. Natural, medium-strength latex core with plenty of cotton provide soft comfort for side sleepers.
The high cotton content makes it a pleasant coziness, while the latex core provides long-lasting elasticity. Overall, this is a pretty soft futon.

We recommend it for people up to about 70kg. For heavier people, we recommend FUTON DX 3 or Biofuton 4.0.
This futon is well suited for floors/tatamis or slatted frames with small gaps between the slats, as well as for futon sofa racks like Fuji or EINS. Currently, we manufacture the futon XL9 only in the standard size of 140x200cm.

Feel: soft to medium, depending on how well it is cared for.

Explicit content

  • Core: 5 cm natural latex, 100%
  • Fibres: 4000g / qm cotton
  • Cover: Cotton-body, nature, navy-blue or black
  • Height: ca. 13 cm (11 cm)
  • Weight: ca. 8 kg / qm