The "Pretty Good"

The "pretty good" beds are our fine and solid wood bedframes, made out of the best and most reliable manufactories in ageless nice designs.

Deluxe means for us reliable quality on highest level.
What is significant for a good bed? The answer is simple: A solid workmanship. This guarantees that nothing is creaking or wobbling. Of course this is one of our main principles but as with all things there exist fine differences here as well: All beds of this category are in exceptional quality concerning choice, processing and thickness of wood as well as the surface, the connections and the build-up. A good bed is easy to build up even when it’s extremely stabil. Additionally to all of this the look and the design of the bed should be appealing and timeless as we don’t change our bed very often. And if we are looking for a solid wood bed which has an attractive look we will not be able to find it in the bottom drawer. Beds of this league have style and maybe you’ll find one which fits your personal style as well. And then there is the frequently asked question if it’s a futon bed. The answer is: A bed is a futon bed is a bed. There is no specific criteria which characterizes a futon bed. Just as a futon is a mattress, a futon bed is a bed. Just be aware of the height of the frame: There are beds with high frames so that your futon would lie a bit too low and you’d run the risk of rubbing and bumping against the frame. But the quality of lying in general is not influenced by the bedstead. This is why for us the most important aspect is the natural bed made out of solid wood which fits the natural futon best. In this lightweight category we can offer you fluidized beds as „Cara“ or „Exil“ and „Fly“, which are joinery products as well. Besides that we can present you beds made out of solid wood wich distinguish themselves by their complete imperturbability: „Balkaneiche“ and „Baumkante“ are just two examples for this. On the other hand „Massa“ and the „Konzept“-series made by the Swiss Hasena production impress with their gentle simplicity. You can count on those beds.