Yasumi 5plus

The most popular ... a little more powerful.

More strength and stability thanks to a strong layer of horsehair or coconut.
For light people firm and fine, as a TWIN futon for everyone.

5 cm Natural Late, 2000 g/m² wool, 1000 g/m² horsehair or coconut, 8 kg/m², 9-10 cm, rolled up ø approx. 50 cm

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For futon mattresses 160x200cm and larger
handles are strongly recommended.
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We replace the conventional cotton with organic cotton from controlled organic cultivation (kbA). The surcharge for this is calculated based on the selected futon width.
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Special sizes are possible in 5cm increments and has the cost of next higher size. Select the next higher size in length or width and write the exact measure in the comment field (on the payment page).

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Yasumi 5plus

A benefit with additional variability. Yasumi 5plus complements our best-selling Yasumi 3+2 with another natural insert made of horsehair or coconut. This means that the futon has two slightly different lying sides, cuddly in the cool winter, somewhat firmer in the summer ... and flexible at all times for your lying request. For stomach / back sleepers up to approx. 70 kg, lying on the floor, a full futon already ... as a TWIN futon as variable as hardly any other futon. Recommended for use on the floor / tatami, ideal as a TWIN futon in bed or perfect in a mobile home.

Content explizit

  • 5 cm firm natural latex (100 % natural rubber, H5, 85 kg/m³ density)
  • 2 x 1000 g/m² coconut fiber (more firm, vegan)or horsehair (more elastic)
  • 2 x 1000 g/m² fleece wool in alpine quality
  • Cover: cotton satin from controlled organic cultivation (GOTS), 260 g/m², with thread stitching
  • Height: approx. 9-10 cm, approx. ø 50 cm rolled up
  • Weight: 8 kg/m²
  • Also available in vegan (using coconut fibers and organic cotton replacing fleece wool)

The Yasumi Collection

Yasumi Futons are beautiful, strong and have a lot to offer. The base of pure natural rubber, very high strength, is covered with plenty of good new wool. The noble organic cotton satin cover gives them the soft look, a cool grip and long durability.

YasumiFutons are very comfortable, but not soft (exception: Yasumi 3+2 /sensitive - the soft topper) and double layered or combined with they result in a full sleeping place - preferably on the floor or on tatami. Info: TWIN Futon

Shape variants

Shape variants

Handles assist in lifting heavy mattresses for turning and airing out.
On light Zen and Yasumi futons having handles would be annoyingly prominent and wouldn't improve use.
For the strong types, especially in large sizes, handles help with handling.

Center seam futon Center seam futon

Standard / without handles

The classic futon shape: Top and bottom meet halfway to the seam. Recommended for light / small futons and for futons on a futon sofa.

Center seam / reversible tabs Center seam / reversible tabs

With handles

Four turning flaps made of the original fabric, on the long sides recommended at 140x200cm.
Surcharge: 50€

The slip cover, organic / colored

With a washable protective cover in the original satin or in color ...

Our futons are basically natural, undyed, because we weave a strong cloth from fine organic cotton, in a noble satin weave, which meets all requirements and dyeing would affect the material. If you would like color on the futon (e.g. for use as a sofa), please do so with the additional protective cover, colored.


All futons of this collection have a cover made of organic cotton. Type and quality of the fibres on the inside can be chosen by you.

Cotton instead of wool
Coconut instead of horsehair.

Vegan + Organic
No animal fibres
and all cotton (in- and outside) is of a controlled organic cotton quality (GOTS).

Additional Information

All materials of the shiatsu futon collection are strictly tested for pollutants ... continue reading

More information on how to find the perfect futon for yourself ... Buying Tips

Our materials and raw materials ... our futon commodities

Futonwerk Eco Zertifikat 100x100

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Free Shipping
with in-house shipping service, in Germany (except islands, please inquire) Shipping details for Europe and Switzerland can be found here.

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