Zen R2+3

Massage, Relaxation, Travel.

Climate-active mat for massage, travel or in combination with a Yasumi 3+2.

2x 500g/m² Merino-wool, 1000g/m² cotton / organic cotton
2x 1000g/m² horsehair (or coconut fibre) in a organic satin-cotton cover, 260g/qm ca. ca. 4,5kg/m², ca. 5cm, ca. ø30cm

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Zen R2+3

Clarity is an attainable virtue.

Zen R2+3 is a light, delicate, but strong mat, best used for massages and relaxation, be taken on travels, a guest mat, or in combination with a Yasumi 3+2 as a comfortable TWIN Futon for light people.

This mat combines "climate regulator" merino-wool outside; anti-static, fine, bouffant cotton on the inside and inbetween two stable layers of coconut fiber or horse hair (our recommendation).

Materials and measures:
  • 2x 500g/m² Merino-wool
  • 1x 1000g/m² cotton
  • (option vegan: 6x 500g/² cotton)
  • 2x 1000g/m² horse hair or coconut fiber
  • cover made of strong organic satin-cotton, 260g/m²
  • 4kg/m², ca. 5cm, ca. ø35cm
    (Weight / Height / rolled up)

Zen R2+3 is also available in vegan and organic.

(**) Short explanation: "Coconut fiber or horse hair? A perceptible difference between coconut fiber and horse hair is minor, allowing your choice to be made according your personal taste. Horse hair is an animal fiber and a bit more flexible, coconut fiber is a vegetable fiber, off odors and a bit more eco-friendly. The product preparation cleaning and care is the same, just as its climate regulation properties in a futon. Further information you can find in our Glossary and our Material/Primary Materials
For the Zen R2 3 we advise horse hair as a climate fiber, because in this specific and thin mat, the difference in flexibility between horse hair and coconut fiber is clearly perceptible. Slight crunch noises can be heard from the coconut fiber.

The Zen Collection

Zen futons are made of 100% natural materials. Wool, with or without horsehair or cotton with coconut (vegan). Or three fibres, cleverly combined.
According to demand and use the Zen mats can be perceived as smooth or robust, but they are always completely natural, climate active and flexible.

In combination with another Zen or a , a comfortable TWIN Futon can be achieved; for this purpose, particularly the variants with horsehair or coconut are suited.
The most popular combination: Yasumi 3+2 with Zen R2+6.


All futons of this collection have a cover made of organic cotton. Type and quality of the fibres on the inside can be chosen by you.

Cotton instead of wool
Coconut instead of horsehair.

Vegan + Organic
No animal fibres
and all cotton (in- and outside) is of a controlled organic cotton quality (GOTS).

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