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Bed ANNA Padded Headboard

Frame strength: 30 mm Frame height: 20 cm Wood: Beech | Core Beech | Oak | Swiss Pine | Cherry | Pear | Walnut
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  • Bed height: 40 cm
  • Feet height: 20 cm
  • Insertion depth: 17 cm
  • Material: Available in 7 different wood species
  • Header: 3 variations to choose from
  • Surface: Nature, oiled
  • Place of manufacture: Hungary

Bed ANNA Padded Headboard

ANNA has exclusive new features in solid wood beds. This bed comes from a good family and is proud of its ties to MAMMA WOOD. The slightly modified suspension frame and the sturdy padded headboard are truly made for each other. The aesthetic and restrained, yet exciting design combines exceptional comfort and clever details that contribute to a peaceful and healthy sleep. This bed is also produced metal-free with our proven wooden joints. The headboard is attached to the bed frame with pegs and woodscrews. It is particularly environment-friendly, as only natural materials are used for surface treatment.


wood connection


metal connection

  • Width: 90 - 200 cm
  • Length: 200 - 220 cm
  • Outer measurements: Width +26 cm, Length +19,5 cm
  • Headboard height: 50 cm
  • Frame: 20 cm x 30 mm
  • Feet height: 20 cm
  • Center strengthener: for variants with a width of 140 cm and wider
  • Slatted frame support: yes

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What could be more beautiful than a completely natural sleeping environment. If you choose one of our natural wood beds, a futon and the matching slatted frame, you will receive an additional 4% discount for orders over € 1,500, 6% for orders over € 2,250 and even 8% for orders over € 3,000 (automatically deducted in the shopping cart). The discount applies to all products in the shopping cart, so for example also for natural blankets or pillows.

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