Twin 5.7

Our most popular combination even for heavier persons. With climate freindly wool or
vegan with bio-cotton. Suitable for every weight - a flexiable resting place for every sleeping position.
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We make special sizes. i

Special sizes are possible in 5cm increments and has the cost of next higher size. Select the next higher size in length or width and write the exact measure in the comment field (on the payment page).

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Zen 2+3

  • 2 x 500g/qm wool
  • 2 x 1000g/qm horsehair (recommended) or coconut-fabric
  • Vegan: 1000 g/qm bio-cotton and coconut instead of horsehair
  • Cotton satin cover in organic quality (GOTS)
  • Thread stitching
  • Weight 4,5kg/qm, height 5 cm, rolled up ø approx. 30cm

Yasumi 3+4

  • 7,5 cm natural rubber 100 %, firm (H5)
  • 2000g/qm wool
  • (vegan: 2x1000 g/qm Organic Cotton)
  • classic Futonwerk stitching
  • Weight 9kg/qm, height 10-11cm, rolled up ø approx. 60 cm


Twin 5.7 - our most popluar for every body weight, consisting of Zen 2+3 und Yasumi 3+4. Very variable, depending on, which futon lays on top. Zen R2+3 as pure natural fabric futon is near the body pretty firm and stabilizing (especially with coconut-fabric). The Yasumi 3+4 with strong 7,5 cm natural rubber is even in side-position cuddly und soft.

With enough load capacity even for heavier weights. Padded with climate friendly wool or vegan with bio-cotton. For all weights - a flexiable resting place for every sleeping position, gets firmer with increasing. Our variable Twin-Futon combination also for heavy people. More infomation zu on the produkts is found here: Zen 2+3; Yasumi 3+4


All futons are available with centre seam (standard), with frame or with frame and turning handles. From the size 160x200 cm, the reversible handles make handling much easier. The surcharge is based on the stable locking of the handles in the additional side panel of the futon cover (simple handle loops would tear off quickly).

(1.) Standard: (center seam)
The typical Futon form / Sewing method: There is a top and a bottom that meet each other half way, the corners are stitched. If you choose the colored option (colored slipcovers), two colors are to be chosen.

Futon with centre seam Futon with centre seam original

(2.) With frame and turning handles:
The typical mattress form with turning handles: Shies away a little from the typical futon look, but offers practicality. If you choose the colored option (colored slipcovers), two colors are to be chosen.

Futon with frame and turning handles Futon with frame and turning handles original


All futons of this collection have a cover made of organic cotton. Type and quality of the fibres on the inside can be chosen by you.

Cotton instead of wool
Coconut instead of horsehair.

Vegan + Organic
No animal fibres
and all cotton (in- and outside) is of a controlled organic cotton quality (GOTS).

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